Introduction to my 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT

This is the introductory video for my 1988 Pontiac Fiero GT. I'll be changing both rear wheel bearings and installing a Rodney Dickman steering rack bushing and inner tie-rod end. Once mechanically all set, I'll be painting the car, so I'll do quite a bit of sanding and I'll base coat/clear coat back to black. You can find out more about the car at it's website: The quick and dirty, I purchased the car in 2002 with 49,000 miles. It now as about 64k miles and is stored winters. It is a well optioned late 1988 year car and is very fun to drive.

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Fiero Update - Back to More videos
Just a quick update on my Fiero...she's been painted, which took quite a bit of time that I didn't have...but it's done for this year, now it's time for more tractor videos. Painted at a 2004 Mustang FireMist Metallic, I'll be doing more videos on it next spring. You can follow some pictures at the following link:

2nd Motor Video - Exploring the Wico Magneto.
Just after shooting the first, I wanted to see the damage done by removing the spark plug wire...amazing, not that much.

4th Motor Video - Gas Tank and pushrods
The ongoing journey of this motor and its tear down and rebuilt, this time we take off the gas tank, air ducting, and check out the push rods

Awesome yard find, sweet older unknown engine.
Start of the series, I'll go through the tear down and reassembly of this motor and get it to run!