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Crazy Arab Drifting with AK-47s
Short version of extended clip. I do not own any copyright on this video.

The Best Rally Race Drifting Cars Lamborghini Compilation 2016 with extreme car driving
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Best Street Drifting Challenge - Drifting Fail & Win
Street Drifting Win Fail Compilation of 2016 Funny Videos - Try Not to Laugh or Grin . NEWEST weekly compilation of the Best Fails Wins of December 2016. Including supercar falling into ditches, girls getting owned, show off fail compilation, street drifting fails, stupid stunts caught on tape, street racers reactions, kids getting owned, tokyo Drift vs arab drifts, funny you're doing it wrong moments, bike tricks gone wrong, perfect drifting, supercar driving idiots and more clips. SUBSCRIBE : - BEST #FAIL / Win EVER. AMAZING Show-Off Fails Wins Compilation - Funny Drifting 2016 : #Crazy Street Drifting Compilation #NEW 2016 June : Best Street #Drifting Fail Win Compilation #2016 : BEST #Supercar Driver Idiots Compilation #2017 Super Car Fails & Crashes : Street Racers VS Police Compilation INSANE FAIL & WIN : The #Best Burnouts EVER - Top Donuts 2016 :