I used these colors.candy red,candy tangerine,candy pagan gold(House Of Kolor).custom blend with flake and stripe. bike : yamaha morphous (With the air suspension) This motorcycle is called "YAMAHA MAXAM" in Japan. painter : warriorz japanbackground music : "Laidback Aphrodisiac" featuring : Maurice White produce : LA Stylez "How to custom paint collection" How to real fire,How to real flames,How to Wrap paint, How to marblizer,How to Cloud paint,coming soon! このページは、海外向けになっております。 日本の方は、「YAMAHA MAXAM カスタムペイント総集編!ヤマハ・マグザム・CUSTOM PAINT」をご覧下さい。

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Colour Changing MetalFlake, How to Paint with Custom Flake
We've had this flake for a while now and be dying to shoot it just to see what we have, and boy was is mint. After the first 3 coats we added more gold and did a further 3 coats, as always all the products used are from Spraygunsdirect and we're using the DeVilbiss pro-lites and GTI Pros. Please bare with me as Im having to do this video's on my own now and still getting use to it all lol. Dont forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. I do not own the rights to the music playing in this video all rights are those of the artist.

How-To Spray Metal Flake by Chris Carlson Hot Rods
Chris Carlson with Chaotic Customs in Mulvane, KS shows how to spray metal flake with cheap paint guns for the DIY garage guy. Check the shop's Facebook page at and the website at

Metal Flakes and custom candy paint
So here we have yet more flakes and candy paints lol, Its never ending here right now. We give a little run down on the mix and what we do. Products from SEM and Medelbrook in the states and sent to us by Spray-guns-direct Check out part 2 Mixing flake Part 3 laying it down

Painting pearl, metal flake and flow coating
Metal flake In this episode Dave shows how to mix and paint 3 layer pearl colours. Also some tips and tricks when painting metal flake. By flow coating the panel will give you a crazy smooth glassy finish. How to paint metal flake All products are available from VG Auto Paints but if you know where to get it in your area contact me and ill list them on my website. Thanks to All products available from VG Music by DanoSongs Casino Clocks Starburst Dreams