Car runs over bottle, it explodes! (the bottle does)

a water bottle filled with tea is run over and the splash goes, like, everywhere! All without getting a flat tire. This is literally the most exciting video ever made, and no life can be complete without having viewed it.

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Soda bottle vs car expolding plastic bottle
DescriptionTried to run over a deserted soda bottle that was in a turn around area but with no luck. It had avoided me and taken quite the beating before it came to this. I decided to place in front of the tire myself just to find out the car would end up driving onto the bottle and it held the weight of the car ! Car won in the end.

Cell Phone vs Train
Cell Phone meets an untimely demise.

Running Over Water Bottles
Bored at work? Run over water bottles.

98 cavalier running over soda bottle!
Just kids having a little fun(: