Car runs over bottle, it explodes! (the bottle does)

a water bottle filled with tea is run over and the splash goes, like, everywhere! All without getting a flat tire. This is literally the most exciting video ever made, and no life can be complete without having viewed it.

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Cell Phone vs Train
Cell Phone meets an untimely demise.

Running Over Stuff - Tooth Paste
Tooth Paste tube filled halfway with water being squashed under a truck tire. Comment, rate, and subscribe. Tell me what you would like to see get ran over. This was filmed with my Apple iPhone 4.

Grand Theft Auto V Online (PS4) | Exotic Car Meet | Car Show, T20 Test Drive, New Drag Spot & More
With this Exotic Car Meet on PS4, I think we broke the record of how quick we can get a GTA V lobby filled up, literally I counted around 10 seconds and it was already 30 people! So awesome to see everybody cooperating at this level. Those T20 (P1)'s are just lovely too lol. Shout out to Battle Athlete for streaming the meet (you'll find his links down below) Battle Athlete's Twitch - Battle Athlete's YouTube - Song - Blank by Disfigure provided by NCS Link to track - Follow Disfigure: Disclaimer:Information In This Video Is Used For Entertainment Only. GT:HRC CReddy PSN:HRC-CReddy Like My Facebook Page - Follow My Twitter - Follow My Instagram - Follow Me On TSU - & Subscribe To Both Channels HIBoostRaceClubRAWHD HIBoostRacingClubTV

CD exploding 23.000 RPM
CD exploding 23.000 RPM (test sulla velocità massima di un cd-rom)