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Peugeot 305 Gti at Slalom Race 2011 - gti 106 205 hill climb

A Fast Peugeot 106 or 205 or 305 Gti at slalom race track very fast in corners and speeding up very fast acceleration as fast as Ferrari 360 Modena or something like that. But no compare to Ferrari F50 because this Ferrari is faster. The Race was some months ago but the Peugeot is still fast and racing and rally driving.


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Fiat 128 Abarth Slalom Racing
A Fiat 128 Abarth autobianchi is racing in a hillclimb slalom track supra killer car which is very fast in slalom. abarth punto evo power no match but it is the best car you find around in italy. very fast like fiat coupe or fiat uno. Bergrennen in Italien. The race was not part from the Berg Cup Series and was not at the races in European Hill Race Eschdorf or in eschdorf or Homburg or Oberhallau or Glasbach or Unterfranken or Mickhausen or St. Agatha or Osnabrücker or Osnabrück or in Wolsfelder it was only a race in italy and I even don't know the real name of the place - and how the region was called.

lancer evo 0-100 in 3,4 seconds acceleration
A Mitsubishi Lancer Evo acceleration - the evo evolution 8 does 0-100 in just 3,4 seconds and 0-200 in only 14,2 seconds. Really fast rallye rally car comparable with subaru impreza wrx sti but as fast as Ferrari F360 or Modena even F40 or Toyota Supra are slower than this one. The Car comes from germany and is tuned by a german tuner. Not abt and not schnitzer, but i would kill Bmw M3 and M5 and any other car around the Nürburgring Nordschleife. The car can drift in winter and on wet streets it has around 400 Bhp. 400Ps auf deutsch und das Auto ist super um Porsche 911 auf der Autobahn angst zu machen. Tachovideo. The Car got a Big Garrett turbo. You can drive the car in Dirt3 too which is sponsored by DC and Ken Block.

Nintendo Gamecube im Auto eingebaut
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Peugeot 305 GTX Break HDI 110hp (2)
Found the problem and it runs. Wow!!! Probleem gevonden.Hij loopt!!! Peugeot 305 HDI - powered!

Peugeot 508 SW road test

Rasso Peugeot 305 Eguzon Octobre 2009
8ème Rassemblement organisé par Planete 305 regroupant les passionés de la Peugeot 305

Kloppend Hart - Peugeot 305 GTX HDI
Michel van Drie is een groot Peugeot 305-fan. Om die auto weer helemaal bij de tijd te maken, transplanteerde hij een HDI dieselmotor en heeft hij de ideale woon-werkauto gecreëerd.

Test - Peugeot 308

peugeot 305 Drift (manouba)
un peu de Drift avec des voiture un peu ancienne avec la peugeot 305 :D Pour tout info Contactè moi sur Youtube (message privè) ou sur ma page : https://www.facebook.com/mikaniker

1985 Peugeot 305
I have always wanted to get myself a Peugeot 305, my Grandpa had one when i was a child and drove it for well over 10 years, i can also remember there being a number of vans on the farm. After some watching out on ebay this one turned up and i bought it. The car came from near manchester, and i drove it back home to Northern Ireland via the ferry in Holyhead across to Dublin, 250 miles covered without any breakdowns which isn't bad for a car which hasn't been used much in recent years. Currently it has a 1.6 8v TU5S engine with a webber carburettor, it has a Citroen Saxo VTS radiator installed with cable ties as the original radiator was badly clogged up. The engine has a webber carburettor fitted, and it seems to be running reasonably well (there are 59,000 miles on the clock) but it does seem to have a bit of top end clatter which could be due to a worn camshaft. The engine isn't as smooth as it should be and slightly down on power. Replacing the camshaft and checking the shims is an option however i have also got hold of a 1990 Van with the XUD diesel engine, so that will be going into the estate some time soon. The car for a 29 year old 305 is in remarkable condition, there is rust but it is restorable, the plan is to strip the whole car down, weld whatever needs to be welded, and give it a respray and decent underbody protection, stone chip shield waxoyl etc (I'm not too sure yet on what is the best stuff to put on but i will find out soon) The interior of the car is immaculate, the seats are typical old Peugeot, bar an old Citroen these are the softest seats i have sat in, which makes the car very comfortable, all of the electrical things inside work (although it does have the wobbly speedometer needle i remember back in the day), the car has manual locking all round, manual windows, manual mirrors, no seat belts in the rear its basic by the standards of todays cars. But it does have loads of character, and it handles surprisingly well for such an old car, although the suspension is creaky and rattly and in need of a refurbish. At the moment the car has a years MOT and 6 Months tax, i have drove it about a bit, but the tailgate has a leak so i am keeping it stored in my garage out of the rain, it can be welded up, the rear doors are rusty at the bottom and hopefully they can be repaired. The front passenger wing is rusty as is the front valence, and it would be great if i could find replacement parts. If anyone knows about 305 spare parts let me know in the comments.

Testing old peugeot 305 :)
I was testing our very old peugeot 305. I think its from 1983.. the video is few years old too

Peugeot 305 GT, first start in 1,5 years.
Runs like a tractor, some serious overhauling is needed. EDIT: The reason that the engine was running like crap was due to a broken intake gasket, worn out sparkplugs and a carburettor that needs a gigant overhaul.

Peugeot 108 hatchback 2014 review - Carbuyer
Peugeot 108 hatchback 2014 review: http://bit.ly/1k9C4lj Subscribe to the Carbuyer YouTube channel: http://bit.ly/17k4fct Subscribe to Auto Express: http://subscribe.autoexpress.co.uk/cb "The Peugeot 108 offers plenty of style and standard equipment, but the smaller engines are only suited to city driving.”

2013 (ALL NEW) Peugeot 308 Active Interieur in Detail
''Der Neue'' 2013 Peugeot 308, in der Active Ausstattung, im Interior / Onboard Test. Max. Leistung, kW (PS) bei 1/min: 85 (115) / 3.600 Max. Drehmoment, Nm bei 1/min: 270 / 1.750 Getriebe: 6-Gang-Manuell Zylinderanzahl: 4 Antriebsart: Front 0-100 km/h (s): 10,2 Höchstgeschwindigkeit (km/h): 191 Hubraum (cm³): 1.560 Leergewicht (kg): 1.395 Gesamtgewicht (kg, zulässig): 1.780 Kofferraum (l): 470 Kofferraum + umgelegte Rücksitzlehnen (l): 855 Tankinhalt (l): 52,5 Kraftstoff: Diesel Kraftstoffverbrauch (l/100 km): Innerorts: 4,2 Außerorts: 3,3 Kombiniert: 3,7 CO2-Emission kombiniert (g/km): 100 Emissionsklasse: Euro 5 Effizienzklasse: A+ Beim Händler seit: 21.09.2013 Peugeot 308 Access ab: 16.450,-€ Peugeot 308 Active ab: 18.450,-€ Peugeot 308 Allure ab: 22.700,-€ (Preise, Stand: Markteinführung im September 2013)

Peugeot 305 tuning
peugeot 305 gtx-tuning peugeot 305 tuning peugeot 305 tuning

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