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V8 Engines | Great Eight American V8's | Part 2 | Visit Detroit | Detroit Michigan
A hot rodder's perspective on the Great American V8 engines, with emphasis on Ohio George's SOHC Cammer, the LeMans winning big block that Foyt and Gurney beat Ferrari with and the quad 426 Hemis in the Goldenrod. The car reigns supreme in metro Detroit with numerous events, cruises, museums and attractions to see year-round, including all the summertime fun of Autopalooza. For more information, go to

427 Comets and Thunderbolts
A few clips of 64-65 427 Mercury Comets and 64 Ford Thunderbolts. Ronnie Sox Jack Chrisman Dyno Don Nicholson Eddie Schartman Bill Lawton Al Joniec

1965 AFX Comet Start up.wmv
Almost Finished, 1965 A/FX Comet Street Tribute . Initial Start up of the 427 SOHC. A couple of leaks but everything a go. Getting ready for the Rod and Custom Car show at Thanksgiving in Denver,Co.

Jungle Jim and Pam 1975
Jungle Jim and Pam 1975 in Miami.