powershifting 5.0 Mustang

just a practice run through The Sawmill in "Chachi"

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Powershifting My Bolt 5.0 (open header) Plus killing a 5.0 Fox
My 87 GT Explorer Intake 1.7 roller rockers, underdrive pulleys, bbk long tube headers (open header), anderson powerpipe, 70mm tb, 75mm maf, Stock 3.08 gears with a worn out factory posi. Also Racing a 89 LX Hatch with 4.10 gears, cai, and full Exhaust.

Mustang 306 powershifting drag race
Same motor,trans,rearend setup, I put in thru the floor subframes and an 8 pt rollbar. The door bars were not in this vid because I was waiting on the parts to ship. Mild steel 8 pt added 130 lbs but def made it up in the 60' This run was a 11.69@115 60' 1.55. The ole stock T-5 is still hanging in there. Thanks for watching!

Powershifting Mustang GT
A short video that my sister and I put together showcasing my car ( Positive and negative comments welcome) This was done almost a year after the first video, SCT tune and some bald falken fk452s were added 295/30/18

Powershifting the White Mustang 1/8th Mile