Alfa Romeo GTV2000 and GTA

REZ Motorsport RGB Saisonfinale Nürburgring 2010 GP Circuit Alfa Romeo GTV 2000 Rafal Platek Alfa Romeo GTA Sprint Alfredo Saligari

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Alfaholics 216BHP GTA-R Nurburgring Nordschleife 8m13sec BTG Flying Lap
On board Max's Alfaholics GTA-R at the Nordschleife, 8 minute 13 second flying BTG lap

Alfa Romeo GTAm in Spa Francorchamps Inboard
Alfa Romeo GTAm 1750 inboard in Spa Francorchamps beim 3h Rennen des DUNLOP FHR Langstreckencup

Rajd Żubrów 2011 - Alfa Romeo GTAm Platek
Rafal Platek Slawomir Bularz Alfa Romeo GTAm prod. Maxxsport

Alfa Romeo Classic Race Car 2000 GTV
This is my 1971 Alfa Romeo 2000 GTV I have restored over the past year. I put in a new 2 litre twin spark engine with manifold Exhaust pumping out 215bhp! "It sounds amazing!" Car is beautiful and people who see it have been very interested so decided to put a video on youtube ! :) Sadly i had a big crash in August at the festival of speed evet in Jersey when I hit a tree stump sticking out into the road and went head on in to a wall at high speed injuring myself badly ! the engine is ok but the shell is pretty much F***ed ! So looking of find a GtAm Replica Body shell but not sure yet !