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R35 GTR vs C6 Z06 540rwhp dig and rolls HD

Cars: Z06 - intake, cam, headers and tune, 540 rwhp. GT-R - Everything stock.


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GT-R R35 v.s stock zo6 v.s Bolt on ls3 c6

Nissan GTR vs. Corvette Z06
Import Face Off 2008

Nissan GT-R "Maxima" vs Chevrolet Corvette Z06 "Matiz"
Nissan R35 GT-R "Skyline" 2010 vs Corvette Z06 2008 Ricer has Exhaust from DP's and Z06 is stock

GTR R35 vs Z06 1/2
GTR R35 vs C6 Z06 GTR putsthe vette in the dust

07 C6 ZO6 vs 09 GTR R35
Info on the vid

New GTR R35 VS Corvette C6 Z06 Race in Oman. Uncut Version
Uncut Video Race between the new GTR R35 vs Corvette Z06 racing from different speed. NOTE this first Video Online having the new GTR R35 vs C6 Z06. "" Both Cars owned by one Owner"".

Best GTR launch control reaction ever
Courage is strong in this beautiful GTR Pilot! She took the directions given to her and just rolled with it! I love the part where the fear takes over body control, which makes it hard for her to think straight to let off the gas to make it stop. Hahahahaha This is by far the best GTR Reaction I have ever seen with for GTR Launch control.

Nissan Skyline GTR vs Corvette Z06 vs Mustang Shelby GT-500 vs Viper, and heavily modded EVO
Start of video: Look at how I get blocked by GT-500, Viper, and Z-06...then I smoke 'em all...then later a highly modified EVO is in my sights...with an excellent driver...then run group time runs out! Blue group

Nissan GT-R vs Corvette Z06 C6 C5
Come up fast in corners and straights...I have to stay on the brakes constantly to avoid rear-ending these guys!

New GTR R35 VS Corvette C6 Z06 Race in Oman.
Race between the new GTR R35 vs Corvette Z06 racing from different speed. NOTE this first Video Online having the new GTR R35 vs C6 Z06. ""Both Cars owned by one Owner"".

GT-R vs Z06 vs GT500: 5-Figure Supercar Shootout!
Looking for a 500-horsepower supercar at a five-figure super deal? Say hello to the 2011 Ford Shelby GT500, 2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06, and 2012 Nissan GT-R -- three everyday exotics offering over-the-top performance at under $100K. Read the full story here: http://www.motortrend.com/roadtests/coupes/1104_2011_chevrolet_corvette_201 1_ford_shelby_gt500_2012_nissan_gtr_comparison/index.html Shot by: Mike Suggett, Jim Gleason & Duane Sempson Edited by: Mike Suggett

C6 z06 vs GTR UAE
C6 z06 vs GTR UAE

Nissan GTR R35 vs Corvette Z06 in Dubai - #1
Two 2009 Nissan GTR R35 vs 2007 Corvette Z06

Nissan GTR Vs 590 WHP Mustang Cobra
Nissan GTR is tuned by Harman Motive With HM Mid-Pipe and Cobb AP Beta Map 1.06 Stage 2. Cobra is full blown With After Market Super Charger, Slicks, Tuned Tranny. The Cobra took the jumped early and thats why it appears like he is ahead of the GTR. However the Cobra did beat the GTR on the second run doing a 7.3 Pass. This was a great race!

Lemon Law Won! 2010 GTR Transmission Failure! Corvette Z06 vs Nissan GTR vs GT500 vs Ariel Atom
I get a full refund plus any interest paid. BBB took care of the arbitration and made the process extremely painless. Nissan not so much, but I don't want to go to into detail without legal advice. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to share the audio, but I would love for you guys to hear what transpired. I'll also check to see if I can publish the arbitrators findings. OK, MY TRANNY BROKE but at least it's being covered under warranty! The dealership took the trans pan off to today and found metal shavings. :-( I am hating on Nissan now, only 400 babied miles! ... Please understand I'm not(pre-tranny failing) hating on the GT-R, in fact I'm selling the Z06 because the GT-R is the better car but if you're Interested in comparisons feel free to post on the video and I will answer your questions. I also have an Ariel Atom and previously owned a Shelby GT500 so I can compare these two vehicles as well. The Corvette Z06 is better looking, more comfortable for me to drive, faster in almost every way besides 20-60 mile per hour. The Exhaust note of the Z06 with aftermarket Exhaust makes me feel like a man. The Exhaust not of the GT-R with aftermarket Exhaust is supercar sexy. The Z06 is extremely cheap to maintain but does have it's share of quality control issues with the motor. The '08 and '09 have oil starvation issues on the track and they have a high failure rate with the needle bearings in the roller rockers. The maintenance and the tires on the GT-R cost significantly more. GT-R has lots of noises, not all of them sounding good. The GT-R idles much better. The Corvette even gets more attention, especially from women. I've had them follow me home. Women do not even notice the GT-R. Anyone that does not know cars is impressed most by the Ariel Atom, second the Z06 and finally the GT-R. If I were to choose between the two I would absolutely choose the GT-R and here's why. It has four seats and my kids fit comfortably in the back. I'm an engineer and I love it for what it is, what it does, how it does it and how it shows me how it does it. My boys love it for it's computer screen that shows you everything (position of steering wheel, pedals, transmission, Boost, pressures, temperatures, g-forces, etc). It is WAY easier to drive fast and much safer to do so than the Z06. Despite not having memory seats, not having auto-lamps and not having leather inserts the GT-Rs interiori is a 1000 times better. I love having it as a daily driver because sometimes I just don't want to shift, but other times I do and with the GT-R I have that capability. Yes maintenance is high, but if you buy this car... let's be honest, you can afford the maintenance. It's an impractical car, if you want pratical go buy a Camry, and it's a great car. I feel like I'm sitting and driving in a supercar when I drive the GT-R not the Z06.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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