Mark 2 Jag @ 120mph

My 1964 Jaguar Mk 2 3.8 litre gets put through it's paces at the 2005 Woodbridge Speedtrial. A better gear-change would have helped the top speed, but when you let a bunny loose behind the wheel...

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1962 Jaguar MKII 3.8 Start Up and Drive!
Exquisite old Jaguar Mark II 3.8L. Silver concourse winning car with barely a few thousand on the clock. Leading car is a beautiful 1965 Austin Healey 3000 MKIII BJ8. We're on the way to a charity classic auto show in Seattle, WA.

I'm making time! (Shakespeare a colazione - Withnail & I)
Un'adrenalinica scena d'azione con inseguimento della polizia, arresto e tentativo di sottrarsi all'esame delle urine...

London to Bath by Mk2 Jaguar, July 1963
A drive from London to Bath in a mk2 Jaguar by George Eyles IAM (later head of the IAM) in July 1963. The route follows the A4 road which has changed somewhat since the recording (Calne being one such example). London Airport 0:45 1960s Road Rage 1:16 Reading 1:41 Theale 2:16 Newbury 3:10 Hungerford 4:16 Shill 5:08 Marlborough 6:08 Cherhill (and Shill) 7:20 Calne 7:47 Chippenham 8:22 Ashley 9:11 Bath 9:13 End 9:44 This is an historic advanced motorist instruction video used for driver training. Note the shill driver and the emphasis on observation and keeping a distance from the vehicle in front. Some things don't change at all!

Jaguar MK2 V12
Jaguar MK with v12 engine fitted.