1981 Chevy Malibu Race Car

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1981 Malibu
First time at the track. 81 Malibu, 355 small block, Doug Nash 5 speed.

81 Malibu cammed 5.3 vortec exhaust
Car made 321hp/312 tq on a Dynocom Dyno through an unlocked 3600 stall and 3.73s. Enjoy! 01' Model LM7 5.3 Vortec swapped into my 81 Malibu. 220/224 .575/.575 112lsa trickflow cam Pacesetter 98-02 F body longtube headers 3inch dual Exhaust with crossover H pipe 15 inches past the collectors 40series flowmasters with 3in turndowns

StreetLegalTV.com - We install a Chassis Engineering 25.5 Cage in our '78 Malibu
Using a complete roll cage kit from Chassis Engineering, we got our '78 Malibu, Project Grandma, ready for low 8 second quarter miles. http://www.streetlegaltv.com

1980 Malibu Bumper Scrape
This is how you punish a bad bumper.. and crossmember, and headers, and oil pan LOL