Review of the Honda VTR250 Interceptor (First Gen)

I give a review of my 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor.

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Vintage Wheelies - 1989 Honda VTR Like Ninja 250 Will it Wheelie
This was film back before you really had "Stunt Bikes" outfitted with handbrakes, dirt bike bars, a foot hole in the rear seat, grip tape, 12 O'clock bars, cages, huge sprockets, and plastic removed. This was just a box stock 250 that someone asked the question, "Will it Poppa Willie?". And this video answers that question,

1989 Honda Interceptor VTR250 Restoration
Fixing up an old VTR250 I owned then sold 8 years ago, bought back from a friend recently to restore. Fun little bike, I just did a rattle can paint job, came out pretty decent though

1989 Honda VTR250 - topspeed
1989 Honda VTR250, with camera mounted on tank. Camera was Cannon Optura 20 (MiniDV tape) 2004?

1990 VTR250 Rev Up
Here I am taking the revs up to redline. The motorcycle had been idling for about 10 minutes. You can hear the engine and see the Exhaust.