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Review of the Honda VTR250 Interceptor (First Gen)

I give a review of my 1989 Honda VTR250 Interceptor.


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1989 Honda VTR250 -startup+ride POV- at dusk
0:10 - 3 bimmers in a row 1:05 - start-up 2:50 - cruising begins 4:10 - LugNuts stadium on the right 4:20 - Capital ahead 5:20 - Capital up close 8:20 - Highway quick 10:50 - Another motorcycle 12:20 - darkness 13:50 - Grrr 14:10 - park

1990 VTR250 Rev Up
Here I am taking the revs up to redline. The motorcycle had been idling for about 10 minutes. You can hear the engine and see the Exhaust.

1990 VTR250 Cold Start and Walk-Around
Here is a cold start up of the VTR 250 this morning. It was about 65 degrees.

1989 Honda VTR250 - topspeed
1989 Honda VTR250, with camera mounted on tank. Camera was Cannon Optura 20 (MiniDV tape) 2004?

Honda VTR250 First Ride
Ive had my license for maybe 2 months but I had a VTR that required a few repairs. This is my first ride on public roads, and the VTR first ride since its repair. I was pretty happy with the outcome of the bike. First ride was awesome fun and happy I have this to look back on in a few years;) Must remember to have the camera at a better angle next time

REVIEW: Honda VTR250
In its 10th year Downunder, Hondas VT250 has copped an upgrade. Will fuel injection and a styling update bolster the V-twins sales amid the LAMS onslaught? Rod Chapman investigates...

1989 Honda VTR250
Short ride on my VTR250

1990 Honda VTR 250 Interceptor
Selling my bike. Here's a walk around for y'all.

Honda CBR250 & VTR250 Twilight Road
Nice sunday afternoon quiet stroll round twilight road! lol

愛車のHONDA VTR250のエンジンをかけてみました!.wmv
このVTRはとても乗りやすいです。クセがないですし、軽 くて扱いこなしやすいバイクだと思います。特に大きな カスタムはしておりませんが、ビキニカウルとエンジン ガード、セパハンを取り付けた変態仕様となっておりま す。 バイクの事ブログに書いてます! http://ameblo.jp/takeshi512/

Honda VTR250 Interceptor VTR 250 Motorcycle 1988 Street Bike
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Stock VTR250 dyno run @ MADRacing
the clutch started slipping on the first try at 10k, the second time around it did well, making 13500 revs without hitting the limiter, and making aprox 30,6 HP at the back wheel at 11,500 revs and 20,8 Nm top speed measured at 178 km/h in 6, but that's only if it pulls through, which it doesn't do right now. Dyno run done at MADRacing in Noord Scharwoude

Honda VTR250 test

V6 mustang with 3.73 gears? 0-60
Just doing a little testing of my 3.73 gears with a locker in my 98 v6. The stock setup is an open diff with 2.73 in the rear. My original time before I changed the gears and locker in was right around 9 seconds for my best 0-60 time. My best run on this video takes place at 5:34 and I saw a marginal improvement in my time, due to having a better launch with the 3.73's and locker

2014 NEW HONDA VTR Type LD 250
フレームが赤になったVT250シリーズの末裔、VTR。 発売当時、2ストキラーとして最高45馬力でしたが、 現在30馬力でシティーユースに最適化。 より足つき性を追求したVTR Type LDです。 前後のサスペンションは専用セッティングで740mmのシ ート高で安心感のある足つき性を追求しながら、VTRの軽 快な操縦フィーリングを継承。

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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