1995 Acura Integra GSR Jackson Racing Supercharger project build Part 1

Hey everyone (would prefer to use a more 'colorful' term here); I don't even OWN this car anymore!!!!!! I own an Evo IX.............yeesh...

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1995 Acura Integra GSR Jackson Racing Supercharger project build Part 2
Ugh.............this build is taking too long!!!!!!

Jackson racing superchager install pt2
after fixing all the problems from the first video, the motor is running sweet. im so happy with it. still just waiting for the tune.as you can see in the second part i put a pipe on the TB to bring the noise down a bit.

Supercharged B18 GSR Integra vs Big Red K20 Supercharged
Jackson Racing Supercharged Integra vs Comptech Supercharged Civic Si

Kraftwerks B18C1 B-Series Race Kit - Integra - Import DPS
We recently had Jason bring in his Integra GSR for a power adder. He opted and wanted the Kraftwerks B-Series Race Supercharger System. We fabricated all of the Charge Piping in house and then sent it off for the engine to be rebuilt with aftermarket performance parts. After full assembly the car was then tuned and produced 383HP on a Dynojet. The car will be used for Road / Circuit Racing so while power wasn't a must our customer informed us they were very happy with the gains. Check out www.importdpsonline.com for all your Kraftwerks Supercharger Systems as well as Performance Parts and Builds. Special thanks to Cano, Ramsey, Eric, Rolando, Bart, Allan and Felix for the help! No build is possible without great people pitching in. No build is possible at all without Great Customers and Jason is surely one of them!