Me in my MGB GT

been let loose in a car park

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wow! Mg on track MGB GT goes drifting at Sliverstone 2009
MG trackday nearly loses it. Track prepared 1969 MGB GT licks other modern MGs @7:29

MGB GT driving
MGB GT driving

Bert on Tour - 1976 MGB GT
Bert the Tahiti Blue 1976 MGB GT just cruising.

MGB GT restoration part 15, Terry's
Hi All Welcome to another Terry's MG B GT restoration blog. I know I said on the video September 2008 when I really should have said September 2009, I get nervous in front of the camera and I like to take the video in one take, so that means I dont edit any mistakes. Next step is get the Engine & Gearbox back into the MG. Question is do I put them in together or put them in separately one at a time ? Will have to think about that because I have not got allot of room. Happy motoring Terry (Staffslad1)