Me in my MGB GT

been let loose in a car park

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Bert on Tour - 1976 MGB GT
Bert the Tahiti Blue 1976 MGB GT just cruising.

MGB GT restoration part 15, Terry's
Hi All Welcome to another Terry's MG B GT restoration blog. I know I said on the video September 2008 when I really should have said September 2009, I get nervous in front of the camera and I like to take the video in one take, so that means I dont edit any mistakes. Next step is get the Engine & Gearbox back into the MG. Question is do I put them in together or put them in separately one at a time ? Will have to think about that because I have not got allot of room. Happy motoring Terry (Staffslad1)

MGB GT Rebuild Timelapse
650+ hour (and hundreds of cups of tea) rebuild of my 78' MGB GT along with some alpine shenanigans

wow! Mg on track MGB GT goes drifting at Sliverstone 2009
MG trackday nearly loses it. Track prepared 1969 MGB GT licks other modern MGs @7:29