Lexus LFA Nürburgring edition track test (English subtitled)

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Lexus LFA road test (English subtitled)
A roadtest with Lexus' first supercar; the LFA. During this test we accidentally broke the Goodwood lap record for a roadcar without trying to(!!) with 1.24,8!! Later Lexus broke it again themselfs with the same car on a record run. Watch our other video's on http://www.AutoWeek.TV

Roadtest Kia Rio (english subtitled)
Roadtest Kia Rio

Klokje Rond - Fiat Marea Weekend
Klokje Rond - Fiat Marea Weekend

Lexus LFA on the Nürburgring - Forza 4 vs. real life (English subtitled)
AutoWeek's pro racing driver and former DTCC champion Sandor van Es drives the Lexus LFA on the Nürburgring Nordschleife, and compares it to his real life drive in the same car on the same track. English subtitels included. FYI: all the assist were turned off en the car was on manuel shifting.