2JZ Engine Build , 20/6/2007 . JET-180 , Rods , Pistons ect ....

Here is a Quick video of my engine getting built back in 2007 , it has Forged rods , Pistons , Head studs, ACL Race series Bearings , ATI Balancer , factory crank , Ported head , 280 Crower cams , BC Titanium Valve springs and retainers . The engine was built by Japanese garage which is now TOP RPM Motorsport , for more information please visit www.toprpm.com.au .

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Drag Car from Hell 1345HP Dyno Fail 2jz
Not normally something done at Top Rpm Motorsport but putting the 6 second drag celica on the Dyno to adjust Boost levels on the new Motec M150. The Dyno shut down / stopped reading at 1345HP at the wheels , and 190kph. PB for the celica is 6.5@217mph. Visit www.toprpm.com.au www.facebook.com/toprpmmotorsport

My 2jz powered 200sx , Autronic , 35/40 , cp pistons , Built by TOP RPM Motorsport.
This is my 2jz powered 200sx ,and here are the details of what makes it go ... Autronic SM4 , Billet 35/40 , cp pistons , Crower rods , BC 280" Cams , 1.2m head gastet , BC Titanium valve springs and retainers , Custom porting , Custome intake , 60mm external Gate , engine Built by TOP RPM Motorsport Around 3 years ago , as you can see the car is black , it was purple colour , you'll find some other footage of this car when it was purple on the Dyno ect ... for more information please visit www.toprpm.com.au

.357 Magnum Gun with muzzel flash replay ! Magnum with scoop competition gun !
Here is a .357 Magnum with muzzel flash ! don't know any spec of the gun , but still very cool 357 Magnum with scoop gun competition ! Shot at Southport Indoor Pistol Club on the gold coast .

Dyson Bros 718 HP R100 Dyno @ TOP RPM before a race meet . Fresh build , fresh engine !
New Dyson Bros R100 getting a run up on the Dyno , sorting out a few issues , on low Boost , 13B 45GTX new build , looks promising .