Monte Carlo 1965

Mini's on the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally

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Rallye Monte Carlo Historique 2015 Best of Gliss and Show
3e ZR Selonnet :neige et verglas =gliss et +

Rallye Monte Carlo Historique 2015
Journée Ardéchoise du Monte Carlo Historique; Col de la Fayolle, des 4 Vios, de Bourlatier, en passant par Mezilhac, Lachamp Raphaël et Sagnes et Goudoulet .

Monte Carlo 1955
Rally Monte Carlo 1955 Video by Phate Film ( UK ) Edited by Nea Alecu ( ROU ) If you like the video pls support by share & like it to help grow up !! tx .

National Capital Rally 2014. Classic Mini on SS2
This is Ricoh 1. Changing road conditions and a mix of fast and tight roads mean't it was either going to be all good . . . or bad. What are the odds of stuffing up the one corner in the forest where Ross Dunkerton is sitting with a video camera?