E34 90' BMW 525i Manual - Susq Region Autox

Car is heavy and basically stock with minor bolt-ons. Last event of my region's autocross season. Ran street mod (SM) due to my former car being extremely modded. Ran SM to keep my 2nd place spot for the season points in class. Placed 8th but only tenths from 4th was very close. If I' still had my class prepared Subaru it would of been 1st or 2nd. Oh well I can live with 2nd place overall for the season. ;)

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Cruising in my BMW 525i E34
Just driving around in my E34, and overtaking some french cars... Ha, ha, ha. Dando una vuelta en mi E34, y adelantando a unos cuantos coches franceses... Ja, ja, ja.

BMW 525i 24V E34 Acceleration and Top Speed - Autobahn
BMW 525i E34 24V Vanos (E85-mod) acceleration, top speed and rev-limiter at Autobahn A5 near Baden-Baden. A sunday morning with a bit traffic here... but lot of fun.. :)

Nurburgring Nordschleife onboard bmw 525i e34 3-5-2009
Nurburgring Nordschleife onboard bmw 525i e34 BTG: 8:31

BMW E34 525i 89' m20b25
BMW E34 m20b25