Ron's model T

the first start of the 1926 model t during the restoration process.

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Model T Burning Tires
Wimpy displays the power of the worlds first line of automobiles by burning off the tires at the April 2010 steam up at Jim Briden's shop in Fargo ND.

Changing a Clincher Rim Tire Without Tire Irons
A nice method to change tires on your vintage car or motorcycle using a trash bag. This will work on larger wheels like a Ford Model T or on bicycle wheels.

1926 Model T roadster pickup from parts to ratrod to hotrod
ever build a car and can't stop when you think you are done, here is one that went from parts ot ratrod torn down than build into hotrod

Model T Rear Axle Oil Leak Repair
Step by step "How to repair" a leaking rear axle oil seal.