08 Mercury Milan vs Corvette Drag Race

5-5-10 - Street Elimination Lebanon Valley - 1st round - this is what you drive when you are breaking in a new clutch on your GT 500

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2010 Mercury Milan V6 Magnaflow exhaust with a spectre intake

mustang Vs. millan
my Mustang head to head buddys millan

2006 Mercury Milan "Top Out"
This is an 06 Milan with a 3.0L Duratech V6. Very quick for a V6 sucks it only does 110. I got it up to 45 ish then smashed the pedal as hard as I could. Enjoy! First video I put up on here please rate and comment...sorry for how quiet the audio is...

StreetGlow L.E.D. Underbody and Wheel Well Kit
Here's a giant middle finger to every hater back home that said my car would never become show quality. It may not be there yet but this video proves that it's definitely on the way. Part 1. More up to date videos on the way. This video shows a few of the colors and patterns the L.E.D Underbody and Wheel Well kit can do. Follow us at: Twitter coming soon... or Facebook just search Bryce Douglas Murphy