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Motor 600 Rabiosso 2

fiat 600 1.6 prueba motor 0km
fiat 600 motop tipo 1.6 1/4 de milla. Eldorado - Misiones

Fiat 600 a 8000 RPM!!!
El Fiat 600 recien armado , probando el encendido electronico y un Solex 34/34.

Fiat 600 Crashes And Flips Over At Santa Pod Raceway
2016 Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway. Outlaw Flat Four racer Dave Nicholls in his 1914cc turbo charged Fiat 600 launches skywards off the line and then on to one rear wheel before flipping over and hitting the barrier. Dave had been running low 11's all weekend and on the previous run did a PB of 10.96. This is a street driven car that runs radial street tyres and uses clutch management. On this run however it just hooked really well and headed skywards !! Please like the videos, subscribe, check out my facebook page and contact me if you are looking for a video of your vehicle. I may just have one :)