Push button start Lexus IS 200 , Microcontroller project

Push button start Lexus IS 200 , Microcontroller project No key needed. This is a self programmed microcontroller based project that not only is for starting and stopping the car but has features like remote start/stop via key FOB or GSM cellphone. An extra cool feature is the automated back-up sequence that let you start and back your car out of tight spaces without even beeing in the car. -controlling it with just the key FOB.

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Lexus IS200 with a V12 engine!
Lexus IS200 with a V12 from a Toyota Century.

Dayline Black - SWLE01GXB for Lexus IS 200/300 - garage
I was looking for new styling headlights for my Lexus IS 200 and found these on the shop http://www.dectane.se. However, I did not find so much information about these, and I was also missing videos and pictures of these in use. Well, I bought them at last, and for You out there who are interested in these headlights, You can get a feeling of how they works at this video and two other videos I have uploaded as well. Sorry for the bad quality, but I hope at least it can give some of You out there a feeling if that is something You would like for Your Lexus or not. I am very satisfied with these. The car is given a much more "anger" looking style. We connected the angel eye and the running lights into the same circuit, they can be connected separately as well. These headlights are called "Dayline Black" and fits Lexus IS 200/300 according to the description. They are NOT a direct OEM fit for the Lexus IS 200. We had to remove some metal behind the headlights to make them fit, but it was not so hard to do. The article number is: SWLE01GXB according to http://www.dectane.se where I bought my pair, however they are no longer in stock. You can find similar on EBAY if you search for "TLN Lexus IS300 drl" This video is taken in a a garage. I also have other videos in daylight. Again, sorry for the bad quality. I really need to invest in a better camera.

Lexus IS 200 1999 acceleration

NEW Advanced Keys Remote Start, Push Start, Smart Keyless Entry System Lexus IS300
http://www.advancedkeys.com/Prod_AK104B.html The NEW Advanced Keys AK104B Remote Start + Push Start Ignition + Smart Keyless Entry System installed onto my Lexus IS300 featuring: - Smart Keyless Locking/Unlocking - Compact Sized Smart Keys - Dual-Antenna Setup - Bypass Transponder RFID Cards - Vehicle Anti-Theft Function - Ignition Controlled Lock/Unlock - Auto Vehicle Battery Power Saving - Door-Not-Closed Reminder - Smart Key Battery Low Reminder - Locking-Delay Function - Push Start Ignition Operation - OEM Toyota Push Start Button - One-Touch Engine Tach Ignition - Remote Start Function - Optional Auto Window Closing For a full comprehensive review of the system, please watch my other video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tR-cZqpbFyM * the music used in this video is not mine and is copyrighted to their respective owners - - F.I.R. - "Lydia" - The Fray - "How to Save a Life" - Howie Day - "Collide"