2006 Yamaha R6 w/ LED halo turn signal

I didn't care for my Audi inspired turn signals, so I tried something different. I got new blue halos that are thinner and have longer wires with only one ballast instead of a ballast per halo. Then I installed LED halo under the Blue halos to act as my new turn signals. During the day they aren't spectacular, but nor are flushies.

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yamaha r6 led lights audi light strip
just installed some lights on my r6 audi light strip up front and blue led lights around the motor and the red led light up front in the middle

YZF R1 08' 240Wide Tire Custom/Quad Projector HID Head lights@StillRollin'modellart

Yamaha R1 Angel LighT
Yamaha R1 Angel LighT

Yamaha 2009 R6, HID Halo lights
Yamaha YZF R6 2009, HID Halo lights, HEL front and rear brake lines,Two brothers Full Exhaust, PCV, Auto Tuner, gold rear sets, gold talon short levers, BMC air filter, hotbodies undertail, flush mount front indicaters, fander eliminator and custom licience plate. Installed myself and wired the headlights to a switch to ride around with halos on all the time. http://www.xdcycle.com for the HID lights http://www.bikegearwarehouse.com.au for the undertail