A14 turbo Datsun 1200

Datsun 1200 with an a14t t25 draw through hs6 1 3/4 su

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datsun a12 turbo driving
giving some stick to my a12 blowthrough turbo datsun 120y. didn't wind it out to much, just a quick squirt to see how well the setup runs. full Boost (11psi) by 3500rpm, which i think is pretty decent as it keeps off Boost around town. still yet to put some proper timing and tuning into it, it will be going into the tuner on tuesday for a couple of Dyno runs and obviously, a tune.

first start a14 turbo
this is my a14 with a t25 turbo on it, first start after sorting a few problems, it a neat built a14 with h75 head and custom Exhaust and inlet but made to suit standed inlet just incase, running 9psi and free revs to 8000rpm, still sorting out fule problems as it runs out of fule half way through 3rd and has no Exhaust yet

Datsun L20B Turbo - Suck Through
L20b, T3/4, SU carby