Audi RS4 Movie: NFS: Shift Ft. GTA IV [HD-1080]

Short movie made in Need For Speed: Shift and Grand Theft Auto IV. Driving the awesome "beast" Audi RS4. Hope you like this mix. Rate, Comment & Subscribe First song: 2pac - When we ride on our enemies Second song: DMX - Party up Enjoy. © 2010 GameTube2008™ Entertainment All Rights Reserved.

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GTA IV MOVIE: New York Street Racer [HD-1080]
Movie about Niko Bellic street racing in new york. And when it's getting boring he kills some cops and then the action begins... All Rights Reserved == Subscribe For more... And post some nice Comments== * Want to be in my next movie? What do you need: - Of course GTA IV patch 1.0.3.... - The passion for making a movie So if you are interested, PM me and maybe we will make another great movie...

GTA IV - To the limit! (BEST GTA 4 VIDEO EVER!) *HD*
Watch in HD. The first video of GTA, on GameTube2008. If you like this video, and you want to see more, SUBSCRIBE TODAY!!! First song: Scarface soundtrack - Push it to the limit Second song: DMX - X Gonna give it to ya All Rights Reserved.

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