Vin Diesel Charger II

Vin's Car

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Fast and Furious Original Charger Engine working
Funny thing: After the second try to start the engine the BAAAAM from the engine was so strong that the door of the car closes....

Charger Vs Viper
Mora-Johan in action =)

Dodge Charger Commercial 2017 Vin Diesel
Dodge Charger Commercial 2017 Vin Diesel. Dodge Vin Diesel commercial. As a fleet of Dodge muscle cars race though a shipyard, action star Vin Diesel welcomes the loud, fearless and unhinged to his brotherhood of muscle. For a limited time, customers can receive cash allowance on the 2017 Dodge Charger. Please subscribe to our channel:

Burnouts in a 600+hp 69 Dodge Charger!
Everyone loves a few burnouts now and than, especally when the are coming from a car that sounds as good as this one does. SUBSCRIBE! Social me: Feel free to ask me questions on twitter