Nitrous V8 Torana - DOZO8Z

John Habib's 598ci big block Chev V8 Nitrous assisted powered APSA Modified Street Blown Holden Torana running deep 8s at the APSA Pro Street Shootout Grand Final held at Sydney Dragway recently.

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GM LS7 V8 427ci Dyno - Dandy Engines
Customer's GM 427ci LS7 V8 naturally aspirated engine on the engine Dyno at Dandy Engines.

Nissan SR20 dyno tuning - Adicted Performance
Adam's Nissan SR20 pumps out over 500hp on pump fuel and even more on race octane at Adicted Performance. The 2L engine features a forged bottom end, upgraded cams and valve-train components and is Boosted by a Garrett GTX35-63R turbo and Haltech Platinum EFI system. Built to be a reliable street engine, the Nissan will make its way into a Datsun Stanza.

Calder Park drags Dec 1st
Compilation footage from the Legal Off-Street drags held at Calder Park December 1st. Includes sixes and V8 powered cars. Apologies for no times but the time boards are still not working.

Turbo V8 Bluey
Sam's Holden VK is one quick street car thanks to a well thought out turbo LS combination. Holden VK Commodore [ S7OCK ] GM LS V8 engine Cast iron block, ...