g35 hks replica exhaust idle and rev

just a quick clip of my cxracing hks replica Exhaust during startup, idle, rev'n to 2k/3k/4k, then hittin the rev limiter. again, excuse my sis's shaky ass hand and recording skills.......and the sound is kinda muffled, but you get a good idea of how nice this budget Exhaust sounds. no rasp or rice at ANY rpm! :)

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G35 XO2 True Dual Exhaust (HKS Clone)
Showing the difference between the stock G35 Exhaust and the newly installed X02 Exhaust. AKA M2 Performance/ GodSpeed Exhaust (HKS Replica). Enjoy!

G35 Hks Exhaust w/ Stock Cats and Hks w/ Arts pipe
The 1st part of the clip is with my hks hi power Exhaust and stock cats. The 2nd part of the clip is with my hks hi power Exhaust with the arts pipe. This was recorded with a mini cam corder that CAN NOT capture the true sound of this Exhaust.. In person this thing roars and sounds amazing. Pretty orgasmic sound if i say so myself :] Heres a better sound quality video guys, but my camera got knocked over by the wind.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teVcHEpJQ6c&feature=channel_video_title

Infiniti G35 revup true dual hks replica
Just bought this Exhaust from eBay their hks replicas true duals. Picked them up for 240 bucks and here's a clip to demonstrate how it sounds on a cold start and then once warm and revs. Link http://www.ebay.com/ulk/itm/221771277655

nissan 350z ebay dual exhaust (HKS replica)
this is a 2007 350z with twin fujita intakes and true dual HKS replica Exhaust system, AKA xo2, goodspeed, its the ebay dual Exhaust