twin-turbo cobra on M.T. drag radials

15 275-50 drag radials best run on these tires

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S197 Launching on Drag Radials at 5000RPM.
Here is a video of my 2005 Mustang GT making a shakedown pass with the new DR set up. 15x10 Race Stars with 275/50/15 MT ET Street Radials. 13.06 @ 105.9 w/ 1.86 60'

8 sec street car (twin turbo mustang)
Twin turbo Mustang street car on drag radials

twin-turbo cobra burn-out
first time trying slicks in my car, i knew it would not work on the streets but had to try it anyways just for fun

twin turbo 03 cobra on transbrake
Piedmont 12/6/9