G8 GT Livernois Stage 2 L92 Cam Idle + Rev

Livernois Stage 2 Cam Startup (warm), Idle, and Rev. The car has Doug Thorley Headers, Rotofab Intake, and a tune from Livernois.

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Livernois stage 2 g8gt
Kooks long tubes and mid pipes, flowmaster 40 deltaflow. Livernois stage 2 cam.

Cammed 2009 G8 GT Idle and Rev Livernois Stage 2R Ported Stock Heads Yank 3200
http://www.facebook.com/FapTuning Dyno Results Unlocked converter: 448/388 Locked converter: 462/418 Head/Intake/Throttle Body porting done by Sam Thompson 636-262-9188 Ryan 2009 G8 GT Livernois Stage2R 234/240 .598/.608 113 Ported Stock heads DOD Delete UDP dynatech headers Catless X-pipe magnaflow muffers, spectre CAI 90mm LS3 MAF housing, Ported IM, Ported TB Yank 3200

How to install aftermarket cam shaft
a quick how to install a camshaft. this is a custom made cam by comp cams.

Livernois 2c cam only G8 GT
Stock G8 GT with Livernois 2c cam, 1 7/8 Kooks LT headers, solo hiflow cats and balanced solo catback, 3200 Circle D stall converter, GXP tranny cooler, Rotofab cai. Dynoed 428rwhp and 388rwtq.