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1984 Honda VF 1100 S Sabre V65


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V65 Sabre, Supertrapp Slipons
1985 V65 Sabre

1985 Honda V65 Sabre120 in 11 seconds
Took the Sabre for a spin today

FOR SALE: 1983 Honda V65 Magna VF1100C Fastest Production Bike in 83! Honda of Chattanooga
SOLD! Worlds FASTEST Production Motorcycle in 1983! You can check out our website for more pics/info: http://www.HondaofChattanoogaTN.com 1983 Honda V65 Magna VF1100C Miles - 23,248 Corbin seat KG Engineering adjustable backrest HondaLine windshield available The bike runs like a top! Contact Kevin@HondaofChattanoogaTN.com for more info. Stay up to date on current Honda promotions and SALE prices at Honda of Chattanooga through our Facebook page below. http://www.facebook.com/HondaofChattanooga Also check out our Blog as another way to stay up to date on what's going on at Honda of Chattanooga. http://hondaofchattanooga.blogspot.com Honda of Chattanooga is located in Chattanooga, TN. We have been selling Honda motorcycles , ATV ('s), scooters, dirtbikes in Chattanooga Tennessee for 50 years (1962-2012). We are a Honda PowerHouse Dealer so we also carry Honda generators, lawnmowers, tillers etc. We plan on being around for another 50 years to help you in any way that we can. If you would like more information about our dealership you can visit our website or you can contact us at 423-855-5055.

My Honda V65 Sabre 1985
My new Honda V65 Sabre 1985 I just bought today! 6 Speed 1100cc, fastest bike from late 80's! Just love my new motorcycle! By the way It's my first bike but I'm 6'6" and 280 pounds!!! Finally a bike that fits me well! Also called VF1100!

V65 Commercial
We recreated the 1982 Honda V65 Commercial for fun, enjoy!

1984 Honda V-65 Sabre 1100cc video 1 of 2
This is my bike right here. It has 14,200 miles on it, and runs pretty well. It has a lot of power as expected, and due to the low miles it will have a lot of life left in it. This bike isn't perfect and does need some work though- as mentioned and described in the video. A quick run down of what it needs or could use: new tabs, new tires, the turn signals to be mounted better (they still work, just dangle down), the seat has a tear in it, two small dents in the gas tank, the gauge covers are cloudy but you can still see through them, the brake light has a hole in it, a small crack in the tail fairing piece, it could probably use new fork seals, it is missing the L side bar weight on the handlebar, and the horn isn't working for some reason, and it is a little cold blooded until it warms up (typical Sabre and carbs probably could use a good cleaning/rebuild). So there you have it. Not a perfect bike by a long shot, but a bunch of small things. But for this price, you can't expect the bike to be perfect, plus it is 25 years old. If you are looking for a perfect bike, then you will spend between $2,000-$2,800 for one of these bikes. They are getting rare, and they are great classic muscle bikes of the 80's. Overall, great bikes with tons of low end torque and power, I love them! Very good sport/touring/cruiser bikes as well. Low maintenance with the shaft drive and liquid cooled and overdrive-aka 6th gear with 1100cc's means you can travel across the country and enjoy it.

My project "facelift" so far.wmv
In this video you can see how far I've come with my project to rebuild my Honda vf750s 1983.

My 1983 Honda V65 Magna.
My 1983 Honda VF1100C V65 Magna. Pearl Siren Blue. Very clean. See more at www.flyv65.com

1984 Honda VF700 Sabre - "BABY SABRE" V45
Powerful V4 engine, is rip-roaring with torque in this overdriven 6 speed; shaft drive, dual disc brakes- 80's Super Sport Bike. 8.5 out of 10 condition for a bike that is 25 year old bike!

Honda V65 Sabre Walk around!
This is my 1985 V65 Sabre! It was a nice day so I decided to take a video of it.

V65 Honda Bobber Willy Custom
Custom 1984 Honda V65 Sabre.This was the fastest production bike in the world back in 80s ..Still runs like a Champ!!!....I went ot large bike salvade yard to find a gas tank.They had 100s of bike tanks.I Only found 2 that would fit because of the wide upper frame with the air box.1 was the Suzuki Marauder ..It was like a vz800 mid 90s style .Also found a Valcun tank but that one is really big and wide so didnt use it..If you get this tank try to get the gas cap and fuel filter set up for it at the same time.They are a special gas cap and a under tank filter that goes inside the tank..The cap looks like a croch rocket cap with a key ....The stock wheels have custom hand made wheel covers over them..email cmcm@hickorytech.net

Honda V65 Sabre, 1985, 15,139 Original Miles - $1195 (beaches / southside) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- Date: 2011-01-05, 8:44PM EST Reply to: your anonymous craigslist address will appear here --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ----- This is a used Honda V65 Sabre, 1100cc V4, 4 cylinders with 4 carburetors and shaft drive. The bike has 15,139 original miles on it and a clear title. It came to our shop from a customer. The bike is in running condition. It has been set up for 2 years. It was inspected for proper fluids and a safety check. Since this is a business, it is not cost effective for us to proceed any further. We are selling the bike in as is condition with no implied warranty. The observations upon inspection were the following: 1. Has the power of an 1100cc but feels as light as a 650cc! 2. Starts & runs. (SEE 2 minute video of engine starting and running: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=dharnie#p/u/0/CVRB42VPsZI ) 3. Everything appears original, except the Dunlop tires which have many miles left on them. 4. Battery is strong. 5. Paint appears original and in about 65% condition. 6. Speedometer does not work and housing is broken â€" that’s when owner decided not to ride and was stored for 2 years. 7. Missing left side decorative radiator trim â€" (many listed on ebay). 8. Gas tank has a shallow dent â€" (easy fix with a body filler or tank bib or leave it as is â€" not that noticable). 9. 2 directional light mounts have pulled through the rubber mounting (flaw in Honda’s design in my opinion). A temporary (maybe permanent) fix was made and they work great. 10. Rear brake caliper needs new parts to prevent sticking (bike has been set up for 2 years). 11. Tail light intermittent. 12. Engine runs but needs a little attention to ride it around town. (SEE 2 minute video of engine starting and running: http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=dharnie#p/u/0/CVRB42VPsZI ) Call Dennis (cell) 1-904-469-1221 Jacksonville, FL

V65 Sabre Wheelies
1984 honda sabre V65 1100cc wheelie.

1985 Honda V65 Magna 1100
This is a walk around of my 1985 Honda V65 Magna for sale. It was a great bike, sadly it was involved in an accident on March 12, 2009 that seems to have totalled it :( Someone turned left in front of me at an intersection, helmets save lives!!!

1984 Honda V65 Sabre Scottsdale SOLD!
This bike is for sale in Scottsdale AZ

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