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Honda S2000 - stock apart from test pipe - dyno run
My completely standard 2005 S2000 Dynoed on Automotive Performance Tunings very accurate (soul destroyingly so - no smoke blown up your arse here) Dyno Dynamics rolling road. S2000s never make their quoted power and my 40k mile example was no different. This run was with a de-cat (test pipe) to see what difference it made. As is normal with these cars, the best power was made on fourth run once all transmission fluids had got up to temp (it had cooled down for a few hours after I arrived, as I had a baffled sump fitted and an oil change). Quite pleased with the results as Matt spent several thousand to achieve the same power on his on this rolling road with a Password JDM intake, full Mugen Exhaust system and a remap on an AEM ECU, but that was a much higher mileage car. After the fourth run, power starts to reduce slightly as IATs then climb from the heat soak. As said, they always make the best power on the third or fourth run because of this. A CAI kit would probably help this. Still nowhere near the quoted 237bhp that Honda claim, but I now only have 12bhp to find. I've checked behind the seats, but there is nothing there ;). Not sure where Honda got their figures from as no S2000 has got near it's claimed power on these rollers (where other cars do make the quoted power).

Honda S2000 Turbo 2005 (417whp/293.8 lbtq) ap2
Honda S2000 turbo 2005 Gt35R Ap2... --On Mustang Dyno-- -Run 10psi(331.7whp/256.4 lbtq) -with methanol(363.6whp/263.7 lbtq) - 14 psi(417whp/293.8 lbtq) Best Run on 14psi(433.5whp/298.3 lbtq)

2007 S2000 dyno 227whp NA
Dyno and tuned at 227whp Dynojet Dyno Modded air box T1r-70em dual Resonated test pipe Flashpro

430HP Turbo Honda S2000 Dyno!
View More S2000 Videos and info @ This is a early on Dyno run at a track day of Shauns 2001 turbo s2000