2005 Honda S2000 DYNO at RACELINE with bolt ons

3 Dyno runs, the result was about 205 to the wheels. now the car has a berk hfc, which probably should add to that... k & n fipk nvidia q300 v4 kw v3 coils

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Bolt on AP2 S2000 dyno (second pull)
J's Racing 70RS full titanium catback Ballade Sports 70mm Throttle Body AEM V2 Cold Air Intake Berk Technology 63.5mm Test Pipe Car made 214whp and 149ft-lbs torque Dyno done @ Futral Motorsports on their Dyno jet. Big thank you to the Futral Motorsports team for helping me out!

Crazy Driver ! Honda S2000 Drifting on Traffic ! Must See
Crazy Driver ! Honda S2000 Drifting on Traffic

Audi TT VR6 vs Honda S2000
In an illegal street race, drivers must either hold a camera or be eating fruity mentos. Those are the rules...... Little Clip about the TT http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lOykjzP9JzM I have plenty more videos of me Autocrossing my S2000. The TT in question is a naturally aspirated(for now) VR6 with a DSG gearbox. Most of the commentors cant seem to comprehend that

500hp Turbo Honda S2000 Dyno video shooting flames :D
25Psi 478whp 337tq