Awesome race. BMW M5 vs Porsche carrera gt loads of drifts on busy roads in saudi arabia. the people out there are actually crazy. check out my channel for more saudi's being stupid in their cars!

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☠ Saudi Drifting │ (no limits) لا حدود
Mi✘ Saudi Drifting رائع تفحيط ريمكس Drivers : "كنق الفواز" • KiNG AL Fawaz "كنق الشفا" • KiNG AL Shafa "طخين" • Tkhen ( 65eeN ) "كازمن" • Kazmin "سبيشل" • Special "جنوني F" • Jnone F "الروقي" • AL Rogi "علوش" • Alloush & many more ... Hagwalah is Saudi Style drifting which has been around for many years // since 1960. These guys go over the limit and only represent themselves...not everybody ! I am just an Editor Hagawalah is illegal and the people involved defy the Police and Goverment - a lot of them are actually in prison... Please do not abuse whole Religions/Races - this has nothing to do with Religion, it`s all about cars !! • !!! CHECK !!! • DriftKingsHagwaLah ©

Car Drifting, Riyadh
car was about to hit me ...

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Death Game | 2015 ⚠240KM/H⚠ { Saudi Arabia }