broken SRT4?

Mopar Combustion chamber cleaner after a 10 minute soak

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Proof that this engine combustion chamber cleaner works
Proof that there is an engine combustion chamber out there that will clean your cylinders and that you can do at home

Use INJECTOR Cleaner

Combustion Chamber Cleaning—Berryman Your Car; Don't Seafoam It!
In this video, I use the Berryman Products "Combustion Chamber Cleaner" via vacuum induction. The product utilizes aggressive solvents and detergents to clean the entire combustion chamber, including the heads, piston crowns, and intake valves, rather than using a petroleum oil, an aliphatic distillate (paint thinner), and isopropyl alcohol (not a very good solvent).

view of srt4 head on meth injection
Video uploaded from my hTC mobile phone