broken SRT4?

Mopar Combustion chamber cleaner after a 10 minute soak

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view of srt4 head on meth injection
Video uploaded from my hTC mobile phone

CRC GDI IVD™ Intake Valve Cleaner on MAV tv's Two Guys Garage
As seen on Two Guys Garage on MAV tv: Ground Breaking Technology designed for Direct Injection motors! Ok from CRC Industries this is Intake Valve Cleaner, designed for direct injection motors. Now what happens in direct injection motors is the air and fuel actually come in down stream of the valve but because the PVC system you always have this oil vapor hitting that hot valve and coke sticking to it. Because of this ground breaking technology you can actually spray this cleaner right by the MAF Sensor and it hits that valve at 115 times the concentration of something you would add in your fuel. Check it out from CRC Industries, their Intake Valve Cleaner for direct injection motors.

Broken axle SRT-4
Joel breaks an axle in the 1st time trial at Bandimere Street tuner Mayhem

Combustion Chamber Cleaner
cleaning my combustion chamber