Wheeler Dealers Triumph Spitfire Part 2/5

" There are still plenty of jobs to do to a little classic Spitfire. We've got a noisy diff in the rear, the shock absorbers, and let's not forget the engine. The head is now back from the engineers. Now, it's got to be reinstalled. And that is all what we've done before I can hopefully sell it on for a profit." " Mike was complaining about, it's kind of really soggy back end, and this car has got a really simple suspension. This has got 1 leaf spring that goes from one side to the other. Essentially, there's a loads of, sort of bars of metals, sprung metal, held together with bolts. There's really very little that can be wrong with that. The only thing they can be, probably, is the shock absorbers. Now, what you're normally looking for is 1½ bounces when you're gonna give it some. So let's have a look. We'll, it's kind of really going on and on and on. So I think, basically, it's very, very fair to say that the shock absorbers are gone on this vehicle. It's gonna be very easy thing to take off. What to do is get the car up on the ramp and take the wheel off. Now, a problem that will come across in a minute is basically these shock absorbers and the tension because it's actually supporting some of the weight of the outside of this axle, this wheel basically. So, what I'm gonna have to do is get a trolley jackhammer here just to take a little bit of the strain, because if it gets too much pressure and that's gonna get a little bit dangerous. Now, the next thing is to try and get this shock off. There you go. Okay. So, whereas offending article looking pretty ropey, pretty unpleasant, especially when you compare it to the new one, because I've also got some new rubber mounts to go in there as well. So it should take away all of that horrible squidginess that Mike was talking about. It's a little bit fiddly but then I've got really big hands. So what do I expect? It's nice to find a simple job like this on the car because it's cheap, simple; it is easy to do." Bookmark this page:redditStumbleUponFacebookdel.icio.usdigg Toggle Beta Player

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SuperKombat WGP Final below 95 kg - A. Stoica vs J. Loren
collection of titles. In addition the Canary did in hostile land, in Romania, which is home to the brothers Stoica. Right there it had already defeated clearly to the younger Bogdan, Loren yesterday also liquidated his brother Andrei, one of the hardest punchers in the kickboxing world. To which they follow the trajectory of the Tenerife since its inception was possibly better combat his already long sports career. Loren came to the sports arena the Dynamo Sports Halle in Bucharest, which hosted the Grand gala of the Superkombat convinced of their chances got the win. Andrei Stoica, was a very complicated opponent, not in vain was few days ago the executioner of Moisés Baute with the same belt at stake, was the surprise of his career. The Canary in this mise en scene showed a physical condition of high level, but also a speed that they missed him for some time. Weight cruise never seen you so fine, with this dynamic and that explosiveness that Yes had when he was around 80 kilos. But in addition, regained the determination that always characterized him, that injection of self-confidence to take the initiative in the fighting, which brought forward commitments complicated before that most often seem inaccessible for the rivals. At the beginning of the lawsuit the greatest of the Stoica came to connect two good hands that would have destroyed any other opponent who wasn't Loren. The Tenerife is truth that swallowed two hands but responded with sticks. With the first one it broke the Romanian that faded look and stayed the legs, but a disguised way of protecting the Romanian was spared the Knowout thanks to a strange account of protection before the silent genalizado of the parish who seemed rather. Soon after the account returned the lawsuit and Loren again caught with a straight right that this time Yes Andrei Stoica led to the canvas. The Romanian while rose could feel you in shock. It was only perceberancia in the punishment and Loren topped the slaughter. A combination of high kick and another set of hands to Andrei Stoica returned to the floor, was the third count in the same assault that forced the judge to stop hostilities and proclaim the winner to the Canary.

wheeler dealers triumph spitfire 1500 part 1

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1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500 Review - Is a 40 Year Old Car Still Fun?
Meet my 1977 Triumph Spitfire 1500! People ask me all the time, "Is that thing even fast? It's a 40 year old car with a 4-cylinder!" In this video I review the car and show you a little bit of what it's like to drive and I'll tell you whether or not it's still fun! Thanks for watching! Please Like, Share, and Subscribe! Follow me on Instagram: @tacobandit_16