Jay Jay Jacosalem Civic B18C All Motor Honda Eg6 Track Day (On-board)

PITWORKZ Silver Honda Civic eg6 hatchback in-car video... Qualifying Run ... Hopin' you've enjoyed our vid even if the camera wobbled a lot... hehe =) B18c5 engine on a honda civic eg6, with a 945kg body weight w/ driver.. running 12's...

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1999 Honda Civic Si 260WHP NA - 0-60 In 5 Seconds (HD)
Dyno: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg1oTP7F2k8 Edit: 2.5 Blox Headers & Two Passengers In The Car. 0-60 In 6 Seconds With No Launch 0-60 In 5 Seconds With No Launch ____Motor Image____ http://img136.imageshack.us/img136/9127/img2110.jpg Shot & Edited: Curtis Melancon Curtis Wayne Photography CurtisWaynePhotography

Track Day - Vasco Sameiro Braga 24-11-2007 - Civic Vti
Honda Civic Vti - Rocha

Honda Civic SIR eg6 B18c type r jdm inside

Honda Civic EG6 Sugo
Séquence "in board" de la Civic EG6 présentée dans le numéro 4 d'Autoworks Magazine. Attention aux passages de rapports éclairs! // Lieu: circuit de Sugo // Voiture: Honda Civic EG6 // Pilote: Shin Sato