Infiniti G35 vs. SKYLINE drift racing

Stunting and racing a G35 (skyline) with drifts, jumps and high speed passes. Unlike youve never seen before Explicit....Explicit....Explicit....

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HUGE Drift crash G35
Dany Babu Bernier crashing his g35 into the wall during the smashfest 2011 at the Autodrome Saint-Eustache

Race: Infiniti G35S vs Infiniti G35
2008 Infiniti G35 Sport versus 2008 Infiniti G35 [Non-Sport] If you enjoyed this video, subscribe for more! See more information about these vehicles/this race at: For chases, races, and more (including "hilarious hoopties"), visit today!

Infinity G35 Drift @ KMS Drifting
Stanced G35 Doing some good sliding, Phantasm / KMS Drifting @ Rockingham NC Dragway Oct 6, 2013, Music Track made myself as well in FL 10 Studio. Дрифт

Infiniti G35 vs RX7