Civic EG V6 j-swap vs. Legacy GT mods dig races

A couple dig races between a V6 swapped Civic Eg and a bolt on Legacy GT. Results may surprise you!

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B18C5 EG Hatch vs. TL 6SPD J32 FBO
Some nice runs, 2nd gear pulls....mods are in the video, simple bolt ons for the most part. Both cars had passengers.

Civic Eg V6 jswap vs. '13 WRX dig race
V6 J-Swapped Eg Civic racing a bolt on '13 WRX from a dig twice! Outcome may surprise you. Subscribe now for more videos of these cars. edit: WRX is a 2013, my apologies.

Jswap V6 Civic vs. Mustang GT 5.0L dig racing x3
Some good old fashioned dig racing between Import & Domestic. Some pretty interesting runs overall comparing the horsepower difference between these cars.

C5 Corvette Z06 vs Honda Civic J swap turbo 40mph roll
Corvette is stock, Civic is J swapped 500+ hp. missed 4th gear shift