Californiadad's Turbo Integra GSR 1.8L 475whp

Here is just a basic drive out on the streets, just happen to run into a couple of bikes that wanted to play. Too back I still get no traction out of the hole. even with slicks! Other wise I would of been able to catch and pass that bike sooner.

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5.0 Mustang vs Boosted Integra
Mods in vid. 5.0 belongs to 02Mustangtowner. Integra belongs to TheJDeez and was built by KMOD Performance from Greensboro NC

This Is Why You Dont Buy A Project Car 😐 Acura Integra GSR (HD)
this is why you dont get a project car.... we call it the *pro-jet*, everyone says to get a project car so we bought an acura integra gsr 98. subscribe and hit that notification button.

1996 Integra GSR Turbo Night Drive

Turbo Integra GSR Street Pulls
Testing mounting locations of my ContourHD and doing two quick street pulls on the free way.