VW beetle powered by gene berg 1776cc on dyno

running the beetle up on the Dyno.......1776cc all gene berg engine.....made 98.5 HP @ wheels on everyday tune........noise of the "little screamer' engine caught a couple of onlookers by surprise, including the owner :)

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1776cc 141hp @6800rpm!!
Build by myself, mildly tuned but high numbers :D www.ultimatevw.nl Dyno roll - 1776cc type1 - 141hp - 171nm @ 6800rpm! Specs: * FI Case * CB 69mm * Engle W130 * CB pushrods * CB lightweight lifters * 044 heads 40x35.5 handported * VW650 springs * stock rockers 1.1:1 * Mahle 69mm pistons liners * 48IDA Weber * CSP bellcrank * 36horse doghouse int/external cooler * equaliser pulley * 3.6kg flywheel * Kennedy stage1 * stock clutch plate Compression: 10.5:1 VWSpeedshop Exhaust 38mm TZH ignition (golf2) Pierburg pump Dyno run @ HR Engineering Doesburg Netherlands

VW Beetle 1967 2276 cc on dyno
My 1967 Beetle on Dyno, 155 HP and 215Nm

1961 Beetle with 2276cc engine on the dyno
Rod Richardson - 61 Beetle - 2276cc - 162.8hp(121.5kw)168hp with stinger.

Just Built 1776cc VW Beetle Bug Motor - POWERFUL!!!! LOUD!
1776cc newly rebuilt by myself. Weber 44mm Carb stock 69mm Crankshaft stock connecting rods 90.5mm Mahle pistons Engle 120 Camshaft Hi Performance lifters with oil gallery (for cam lobes) 042 high performance head with port&polish and 3 angle valve job. Euro tuck Exhaust with J-tubes