4g63 Rail car

after having trouble all day with wiring and ignition, over 12 hour day, they made a few short low Boost passes with the car.

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4g63 turbo rail car car running on alcohol dyno session
Information is being held at owners/tuners request since this is a specialized class race car. enjoy!

7-27-15 Rainy Day Ruckus Sloppy Built Fairmont
another fairmont 5 update from my friends at Click Fifth videos

7-30-15 d series civic build update
Quick update on where I'm at with this d series civic build

Igloo cooled 347 blown small block ford mustang
Igloo cooled 347 blown small block ford Mustang, frank was at the helm tuning it today, car made 966 peak power on the last pull but kept blowing the charge pipe off, the car needs a better valve cover and crank case vent system, its pushing the dipstick out and spitting oil into the blower intake, thats why the pipe keeps coming off and you see some smoke.