4g63 Rail car

after having trouble all day with wiring and ignition, over 12 hour day, they made a few short low Boost passes with the car.

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6-17-15 fairmont 5 we have lift off!
quick garage update, 616whp on 11psi with a 2005 6.0 and all the same parts.

4g63 turbo rail car car running on alcohol dyno session
Information is being held at owners/tuners request since this is a specialized class race car. enjoy!

6-3-15 turbo 3300 cutlass 200whp on 4psi
3300 turbo Cutlass on the Dyno, incredible fab work on this thing! stock ecu and maf are topped out easily at 4psi, he will be converting to speed density and turning it up, but what an awesome build, turbo 3300/4spd manual turbo cutlass! whatt?!

6-3-15 fairmont 5 trans and motors updates
here is where i am at, just trying to keep you all up to speed