Ford Cortina Mk 2 GT - Australian TV commercial

Late 60's ad for the Mk. 2 Corty GT.

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Ford Cortina Mk3 Restoration - Project Ruby Ep28
Lots going on in this episode of my classic car restoration. In this film we source trim parts, choose colours on trim, strip a fibreglass heater box, investigate power steering, look at some scrap Cortina's, paint the axle, pick up Galv gold passivation parts, road trips and bonus footage. Subscribe if you can please.

1971 Ford Cortina Restoration Project
1971 Ford Cortina Restoration Project Source : classic cars restoration UK

Mk3 Cortina Restoration - Project Ruby EP29
BONUS FILM.Ford Cortina Mk3 GXl full restoration series of films. In this episode we refurbish an early fibreglass heater box. The film has 15 mins taken from Ep28, but goes on to show the full refurb of the heater box. This footage was felt important so it has been made as its own stand alone episode. Click and enjoy the transformation. The box was modified to series one heater box spec.

Ford Cortina TV Ad
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