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Electra Glide Road King Harley Davidson Maintenance Tips 2

http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com Part 2 of the Road King Electra Glide Harley Davidson motorcycle maintenance video tips DVD. If you own a Harley this short video might help you. In this Electra glide, Road King maintenance video clip, you'll learn how to remove spark plugs (wait there's more), adjust, install oil and transmission drain plugs. Go to http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com for more maintenance videos DVD's and custom motorcycle building guides.


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Custom Motorcycle Fabrication | Ron Fournier
http://bit.ly/hhW2oY Ron Fournier shows you how to make custom motorcycle parts in Motorcycle Metal Fabrication: From Sheet To Street, a two DVD series that ...

Electra Glide Road King Harley Davidson Motorcycle Maintenance Video Tips 3
http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com Part 3 of the Harley Davidson motorcycle maintenance video tips video for Road King Electra Glide owners. You'll learn how to remove fairing, and adjust neck bearings. See http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com for more motorcycle maintenance videos DVD's custom motorcycle building guides, and Harley Davidson tips.

Harley Davidson Oil Change
Doing an oil change on my 07 Harley Davidson HD Electra Glide with a 96 ci engine.

How to do routine maintenance oil change Harley Davidson Motorcycle | Law Abiding Biker Podcast
**GET THE NEW AND IMPROVED HARLEY MAINTENANCE VIDEO AT: www.LawAbidingBiker.com/2014HarleyMaintenance ***CORRECTION TO THIS VIDEO**** The torque specifications on the primary drive cover (derby cover) is 84-108 inch lbs NOT foot lbs. I got going quick and misspoke. Law Abiding Biker (LAB) Media Production (www.lawabidingbiker.com). This video will teach you step-by-step how to perform routine lube, oil, and filter services on your Harley Davidson motorcycle, thus saving you ALOT of MONEY not taking it to the dealer or other service facility. We don't leave anything out and even show you the tools to use. We wanted it to be a very thorough tutorial video with lots of angles, so you can see everything were talking about. We show you all the steps and tricks to service and safety check your Harley Davidson. In the video we use a Haley Street Glide to service, but this is good for all touring models and other models Every 5,000 miles you should perform the steps you see in this video to maintain your bike in good working order. **GET THE NEW AND IMPROVED HARLEY MAINTENANCE VIDEO AT: www.LawAbidingBiker.com/2014HarleyMaintenance

Motorcycle Repair: Changing the Primary Chaincase Oil on a 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide
Visit http://www.thesmallengineshop.net **Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on a motorcycle. Manuals can be found at the dealer and online.** This video is about changing the Primary Chaincase Lubricant or Oil on a 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide. The oil used is 20W-50 Harley Davidson Syn3, and is their fully synthetic oil. I think it is manufactured by Sunoco for Harley Davidson. Harley Davidson sells one other type of oil for the chaincase on this motorcycle, and is Harley Davidson Formula+ Transmission and Primary Chaincase Lubricant and is not a synthetic oil. Tools Used: - 5/16" Allen Wrench to remove the passenger foot board - 5/8" Socket for the Primary Chaincase Drain Plug - T27 Torx Driver for the Torx Screws that fasten the Clutch Inspection Cover - Torque Wrench Specifications: - Torx Screws for Clutch Inspection Cover should be tightened to 84-108 in.-lbs - Drain Plug should be tightened to 14-21 ft.-lbs - Harley Davidson Gasket Service Kit Part #17369-06

FLHR Road King Test Ride
2 weeks with a new Roadie. My cunning plan successfully convinced Harley-Davidson Australia to lend me their Road King press bike - so I could put together an article for Kiwi Rider Magazine. A 'where to ride guide for the motorcyclists among the 400 thousand New Zealanders who visit the South-East Queensland region every year'. So, for two weeks this beauty graced my garage while my KLR 650 was in safely stowed in the shed at my local Harley shop -- Morgan and Wacker. Over the course of my...errr...research I had great rides to the North of our East Brisbane base. To the Sunshine Coast and the great riding in the hinterland and South to the Gold Coast and its scenic hinterland. As well as a ton of day rides around the city of Brisbane and the hills to the west of the urban sprawl. It was great to get re-acquainted with one of my favourite motorcycles. A number of Road Kings have passed my way in the time I've been dribbling on about bikes. I've enjoyed riding them since my first encounter in 2002. One consistent has been that every year the bikes have gotten just that little bit better, more refined -- as you would expect over time. And Harley have had quite a while to get it right. The First Road Kings appeared in 1994 although Harley states the bike's Heritage goes all the way back to the original 1965 Electra Glide. At the heart of the vehicle is the now familiar 103 Cubic Inch Twin Cam engine with integrated oil cooler, it runs push-rod operated valves and self adjusting lifters. The engine is rubber mounted and the six speed gearbox features Harley's Isolated Drive system for smooth power delivery. Compared to how the engine behaves at idle, there is very little vibration at operating speeds. It has a bore and stroke of 98.4mm x 111.1mm and is fed by Sequential Port fuel injection and the real please of the engine is it's maximum torque of 136nm at 3,5900 rpm. It makes for pretty relaxed touring, even with a load. The standard touring inclusions include hard luggage with pretty good carrying capacity, a saddle that is 'all day' good, a big screen, easily removed or replaced depending on the ride, folding footboards for comfort and easy to use electronic cruise control. I really did fine it very east to spend all day in the saddle across all of the types of riding I put the bike through. Freeway cruising is a delight. Sit back in comfort and just roll away the miles. Back roads and twisties are just as pleasant. Cornering clearance is pretty good for a unit with footboards. 76mm of travel is available from the air adjustable rear suspension, so the ride is quite firm, particularly on rough surfaces, but the bike tracks well and holds a line very nicely. The way it torques out of the corners adds to the appeal. One of the most significant improvements has been in the way the bikes brake. The Road King has been fitted with twin 4 pot Brembos up front and a single at the rear. They are genuine 2-finger brakes now. Fitted with ABS in the local market as standard. They pull up pretty well. Pretty well. That's sums up how I went with the latest Road King. Over time it has evolved into a compliant boulevard cruiser, an excellent day rider and it's capable of handling a much longer adventure - If you could do so -- it would happily chug along at 80mph all day. It's great looking, beautifully finished and just made me feel good to be on board. I did over 1000km in the two weeks I had it and loved every minute of it. On to my next cunning plan.

Harley clutch pack replacement on a twin cam 4/7 (install new clutch pack)
Harley 1999 Electra Glide FLHTPI clutch pack replacement. This is slice 4 of 7 of a ~ 1 hour video. The video is real-time, i.e., slow and unedited.

First Time on a Harley Davidson
***Rep the Resistance*** Intro audio by Decisions - Carbon soundcloud.com/zeggy-1 featured rider youtube.com/Jyester85 SENA SMH10 with bluetooth packs communications in association with Panicswitcharmy.com

Harley-Davidson Tri Glide Impressions
A review of the Kiwi Rider Mag Test Vehicle.

Motorcycle Repair: Changing the Engine Oil and Oil Filter on a 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide
Visit http://www.thesmallengineshop.net **Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on a motorcycle. Manuals can be found at the dealer and online.** This video explains how to change the engine oil and oil filter on a 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide. I replaced the used engine oil with 20W-50 Harley Davidson Syn3 Synthetic motor oil and the the new oil filter is OEM. Tools Used: -5/8" Socket for engine oil drain plug -End Cap Oil Filter Wrench -Torque Wrench Specifications: - Engine oil drain plug should be tightened to 14-21 ft.-lbs - Engine oil filter should be turned 1/2-3/4 of a turn after the filter seats against the engine - Engine oil capacity is 4 quarts with a filter change

Board Track Racer | Custom Board Track Racer Build
http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com/board-track-racer-build.html This custom board track racer was built from a 1970's girls beach cruiser. After 200 hours ...

How to adjust the clutch on an '07 Harley Davidson Electraglide & most other Big Twin Harleys.

Motorcycle Repair: How to adjust the clutch on a 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide
Visit http://www.thesmallengineshop.net **Always follow the instructions in your repair manual when doing repair or maintenance work on a motorcycle. Manuals can be found at the dealer and online.** This video shows how to adjust the clutch and clutch cable on a 2008 Harley Davidson Road Glide. The adjustment should be done with the motorcycle upright and at room temperature. Adjusting the clutch on a motorcycle that has been warmed up will cause the clutch to be out of adjustment when it cools down. Always clean the bike to prevent dirt and debris from entering the engine before you begin work. The seal on the clutch inspection cover should be inspected for cracks and damage before reuse. The manufacturer recommends replacing the seal every time the cover is removed. Check for oil leaks around the clutch inspection cover after you reinstall the cover and start the bike. I have found that you can often get away with using the same clutch inspection cover seal, but the manufacturer does recommend replacing it. Its your call. I made a mistake in the video and said the clutch inspection cover screws should be tightened to 72-108 in.-lbs. This is incorrect! The correct torque is 84-108 in.-lbs Tools Used: - T27 Torx Socket - 1/2" and 9/16" Open End Wrench - 11/16" Closed End Wrench - 11/16" Deep Socket - 5/16" Allen Wrench - 7/32" Allen Wrench - Steel Rule - Torque Wrench Specification: - Clutch adjustment screw should be turned inward until lightly seated, than backed out 1/2 to 1 full turn - Jam Nut around clutch adjuster screw should be tightened to 72-120 in.-lbs - Torx Screws holding the clutch inspection cover should be tightened to 84-108 in.-lbs - Clutch cable free play is 1/16 - 1/8 inch

Top End Shovelhead Build - Rebuild Part 1
http://www.custom-choppers-guide.com/shovelhead-engine-build.html This video clip shows part 1 of 3 video clips on the top end shovelhead build or rebuild (it's useful for top end rebuilds). Covers Fitting rings to pistons and how to make sure they are aligned properly.

Maintenance Tutorial for Softail / Dyna Glide
Maintenance video for Softail, Dyna Glide, Evolution, and Fatboy. Shot in 16X9 letterbox. Let Master Mechanic Michael Durham take you step by step in servicing your Harley. Money is getting tight and you need a 7,500 mile service on your bike. Why pay labor? Can you change oil in a car? You can do it because Michael will show you how step by step. DVD or download file. Be sure to use Harley Davidson parts and fluids. Check us out at http://www.buildahog.com Remember to download your FREE check-off sheets!

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