95 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE with exhaust removed

This is a crappy vid of my 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager SE when we took the Exhaust off to do some work. Please note: the engine was not running properly at the time due to a bad Crank sensor & also this is actually a factory 3.8L V6 not a 3.3L V6

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Pass #4
my 4th pass at 75-80 Dragway in my 1994 3.3L Voyager, mods are K&N drop in, gutted airbox, 58mm TB, port matched intake manifold, magnaflow muffler with custom mandrel-bent Exhaust, lowered up front with Daytona springs & struts. I'm racing my mom in her 2005 T&C 3.8L, I've only added a K&N drop in & gutted her airbox.


3.3l V6 - What's this engine noise?
Here you can see the oil pressure and here the knocking? noise... It's only there if the engine is hot and the noise comes from driver side of the enginge - between torque converter and the first cylinders. It's not a deep crank knock and not a higher rod knock noise - something between ... i'm confused :-\ Can it be the torque converter? Enginge has almost 295000km on it and first transmission! Hier könnt ihr den Öldruck sehen und das Geräusch hören, welches der Motor im warmen Zustand von sich gibt. Beim Kaltstart ist absolut nichts davon zu hören. Das Geräusch kommt von unten, Fahrerseite - aus Richtung Torque Converter. Es ist kein tiefes tock tock Geräusch und keine hohes tick tick ... irgendwas dazwischen. Ich frag mich, ob das vom TC kommen kann?! Motor hat fast 295000km runter und es ist noch das erste Getriebe!

Chrysler voyager 3.3 v6 revving LOUD!
Revving my Chrysler v6 up with no Exhaust pipe :) loud