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RIDE - Scooter vs Car

Scooter vs Car Music by The Sagittarian http://www.thesagittarian.com


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Scooter vs.Porsche Cayenne
Scooter-Center vs.Porsche Cayenne......2-stroke win

Motorcycle vs Scooter - which should you buy ?
This is a somewhat detailed discussion about the decision making process that can go into the purchase of a motorized two-wheeled vehicle. There are many factors to consider in a purchase decision such as this. Most people these days are thinking about what they can afford vs what they would like to see parked in their garage. Sometimes our hands are forced to choose the economical side vs the "fun" side of this equation. However, there are also happy mediums too.

Fueling Up a How to Guide
First attempt at a how to video getting some of the basic starter vlogs out of the way getting a little better at talking to myself at least. Gotta work on being more fluid with my talking and stop saying um... Also, I created a Textplus community if anyone wants to chat as a group or send me tips or video ideas just search it out "ARCHERZZMOTOVLOG". I hope to see you there. Check out my twitter as well: www.twitter.com/archerzz Let me know what you think let me know if the wind noise is too loud and I will try a new mic location or sound editing. Fuel Log app - https://market.android.com/details?id=ch.simonmorgenthaler.fuellog&hl=en

'Moped cars' for 16-year-olds are coming to the UK | Radio 1 Newsbeat
A new category of moped licence is being introduced on 19 January 2013. It will allow people aged 16 and over to drive so-called 'light quadricycles'. These vehicles look and drive like a car, but are no more powerful than a moped and aren't allowed to go faster than 28mph (45km/h). The Aixam Coupe S costs £9,999 new and the French firm hopes to sell 2,000 in the UK next year. Newsbeat invited 16-year-old Jack Hobson to try it out.

How to Commute on a Scooter
Jeremy Bowdler gives his tips on how to commute on a scooter

Scooter vs car - almost deadly crash
Scooter vs car - almost deadly crash

Tips for buying your first scooter
Video on buying your first scooter. Presented by scootersales.com.au. With Jeremy Bowdler

How to Ride a Scooter for the First Time Advice POV
How to drive a scooter for the first time. I'm riding a Yamaha Majesty 400. Watch my Majesty 400 review video to learn more about my bike. Thanks!

Mid Size Scooter Battle (thescooterreview.com)
We track test 7 of the best mid size scooters. http://www.thescooterreview.com music by www.thesagittarian.com Sponsored by http://www.swanninsurance.co.nz/

Crash - Car VS Scooter
Caught this with my dash cam in my car.

First Scooter Ride
I was scared to ride the scooter at first, but I finally did it! Here I am on my first scooter ride, May 2008. My buddy and me!

Which Scooter for You
This month Jeremy Bowdler from Scooter Magazine looks at the differences between a Maxi and Regular Scooter.

Chinese Brand Scooters / Motorcycles - Any Good?
A few brands of China Scooters are CF Moto, Baron, Avanti, Tank, SunL, Roketa and many others

Scooter VS Motorbike
If you wanna argue about the pros and cons of scoots and bikes swing by m13online.com Just some footage from the track. Check out my other vids for more interesting stuff. And if you need some motorcycle/scooter gear check out http://www.cheapmotorcyclegear.org/

How To Ride A Scooter - Ace Scooters
A quick video on the basic controls of a scooter by Steve from Ace Scooters

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2005 Other Scooter Crysler GEM Electric Motorcar: 33.169 @ 22.540
Bronson Robertson, Engine: Electric, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: Stock


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