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Scooter vs Car Music by The Sagittarian http://www.thesagittarian.com


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Motorcycle vs Scooter - which should you buy ?
This is a somewhat detailed discussion about the decision making process that can go into the purchase of a motorized two-wheeled vehicle. There are many factors to consider in a purchase decision such as this. Most people these days are thinking about what they can afford vs what they would like to see parked in their garage. Sometimes our hands are forced to choose the economical side vs the "fun" side of this equation. However, there are also happy mediums too.

Motorcycle and Scooter Fail Compilation *NEW*
Motorcycle and Scooter Fail Compilation *NEW* - Enjoy the Video Please drive carefully. Please note that no one was seriously injured. All crashes in this video are non-fatal.Take this video as a learning tool. This video is only for educational purposes. Be careful on the road. Drive safely and keep yourself and others safe. JOIN US ON: facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-BEST-Compilation/447013445352908 Russian Car Crash Compilation.

Which Scooter for You
This month Jeremy Bowdler from Scooter Magazine looks at the differences between a Maxi and Regular Scooter.

How to Commute on a Scooter
Jeremy Bowdler gives his tips on how to commute on a scooter

Mid Size Scooter Battle (thescooterreview.com)
We track test 7 of the best mid size scooters. http://www.thescooterreview.com music by www.thesagittarian.com Sponsored by http://www.swanninsurance.co.nz/

Vespa GTS LED Running Light/Turn Signal Kit, Cigarette Lighter Power
Robot from Vespa Motorsport demonstrates the install of some of the electrical accessories we carry for the Vespa GTS/ 300 Super. Covered in this video are: LED Running Light/Turn Signal Kit (part# GTSLIGHTKIT-LED) GTS Power Plug (part# GTSPP-BK, Also available in other colors) Alarm Connector Splitter (part# PP-SPLITER) All of these accessories and more are available through our website! WWW.SCOOTERWEST.COM

Chinese Brand Scooters / Motorcycles - Any Good?
A few brands of China Scooters are CF Moto, Baron, Avanti, Tank, SunL, Roketa and many others

Safe Braking on a Scooter
Ken Whitehouse from HART St Ives takes us through some safe braking techniques. Any further training required give HART at St Ives a call on 02 9144 5725

Scooter VS Motorcycle (which to buy)
I plan on doing some more comparison videos where I test roll on times and carrying capacity.....those kinds of things. Subscribe stick around.

Porsche Carrera vs Stage6 70cc Scooter
This exciting video was taken on Stage6 cup Italy final. Team rider Alessandro Blando race against Porsche at Viterbo international race circuit. He started 400m behind the Carrera. It takes him 2,5 laps to catch up with the car. Due to insurance reasons, the track owner does not allow to overtake...

Chinese Scooter Review. Should you buy one?
I bought a Chinese "sport" scooter about a month ago and I decided to make a vid telling you if these cheap bikes are a good deal or not. I go through the good and bad and give my final thoughts on these very controversial scooters.

Fueling Up a How to Guide
First attempt at a how to video getting some of the basic starter vlogs out of the way getting a little better at talking to myself at least. Gotta work on being more fluid with my talking and stop saying um... Also, I created a Textplus community if anyone wants to chat as a group or send me tips or video ideas just search it out "ARCHERZZMOTOVLOG". I hope to see you there. Check out my twitter as well: www.twitter.com/archerzz Let me know what you think let me know if the wind noise is too loud and I will try a new mic location or sound editing. Fuel Log app - https://market.android.com/details?id=ch.simonmorgenthaler.fuellog&hl=en

Motorbike Security
You've worked hard to get it , why give it away ! This will help you keep your beloved - (The bike of course !)

How to Ride a Scooter for the First Time Advice POV
How to drive a scooter for the first time. I'm riding a Yamaha Majesty 400. Watch my Majesty 400 review video to learn more about my bike. Thanks!

Scooter vs.Porsche Cayenne
Scooter-Center vs.Porsche Cayenne......2-stroke win

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2005 Other Scooter Crysler GEM Electric Motorcar: 33.169 @ 22.540
Bronson Robertson, Engine: Electric, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: Stock


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