Ferrari 250SWB/Drogo at the 2012 Goodwood Revival

Hans Hugenholtz and Danny Sullivan racing the 1961 Ferrari 250GT/Comp.61 Drogo in the 2012 Tourist Trophy at Goodwood

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Ferrari 250 GTO engine startup.
Enjoy the amazing Ferrari 250 GTO and the sound of the V12, 300 hp engine being ignited. Check out the Classic Car Icons eBook for iPad here: Get the story of the Porsche 356 Speedster, Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato, Mercedes-Benz 300 SL, Ferrari 166 MM, Ferrari 330 GTC and the Alfa Romeo TZ1.

15x Ferrari 250 GTO at the Goodwood Revival!
Wonderful line-up of Ferrari 250 GTO's at the Goodwood Revival. Follow the cars from paddock to parc ferme and on the track!! A full gallery and more info can be found here:

Maserati Tipo 151 at the Goodwood Revival
InCar camera of the Maserati Tipo 151 in Royal Automobile Cub TT race at the 2011 Goodwood Revival. Derek Hill drives a spectacular first half, Joe Colasacco finishes the race in the pouring rain and they place 3rd on the podium

Ferrari 250 GT SWB 'Breadvan' Warmup and racing at Spa!
Updated video with V12 warmup of the one of a kind, very modified 250 GT SWB at Spa Classic 2015 and 2016. The Breadvan was damaged last year at the Goodwood Revival as you can see here: But beautifully restored and a new rear window wiper! :P Not designed by Ferrari, but one of Ferrari's greatest engineers Giotto Bizzarrini. He worked on the 250 GTO project, but before he could finish it he was fed up with Enzo Ferrari and his stubborn ways and left Ferrari. Together with other ex Ferrari engineers they formed a group and took revenge by building this "Breadvan" to take on the 250 GTO's. Lighter, better aero package then the GTO. It surely was faster, but poor reliability and not enough funding resulted in not the success they've hoped for. Nicknamed the ''Breadvan" by it's unusual shape for better aerodynamics. You could say that if he still worked for Ferrari this and his other Bizzarrini's could have been Ferrari's future cars. More info: Onboard at Mugello 2008: