How to replace pull start with power starter

RC Quadcopters and RC Planes, Professional aerial filming Multirotors, Best RC videos, RC reviews, RC Aerial filming drones, Radio control drones Higly customized and High quality Professional Multirotors, Quadcopters, RC Quadcopter, Hexacopter, Octacopter with Autonomous flight capabilities. Best RC Cars, RC Planes, RC Helicopters and RC toys reviews In this video you will learn how to replace the pull starter of an RC Nitro Vehicle with Electric Drill starter or power starter. This video is made for RedCat Racing Arizona USA and is one of the many tutorials on RC Nitro Vehicles that I am doing. Im using VX.18 Engine of RedCat Racings Shockwave 1/10 Scale 4WD RC Nitro Buggy.

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How To Quickly Start a Nitro Engine (SH .28 Engine)
A video to help people who are just getting into nitro RCs on how to quickly start a nitro engine. If you are wondering what truck I have, it's called the "HSP Tornado", and it's 1/8th scale. I am probably going to do a review on it sometime, so make sure to subscribe!

How to Fix the Pull Starter Part I
In this RedCat Racing Tutorial I will show you how to fix the broken cord / string of your Nitro Engines Pull starter. I am using a pull starter that fits on .18 engines. There is Part II of this tutorial where you can see how to fix the broken coil inside the pull starter. Don't forget to check,, racing and Cheers


How to Replace Pull Start with Drill start on your Nitro Engine
More R/C Action at If you're getting tired of pulling the pull start to start your engine, take a look at this alternative drill start option. It removes the need for pulling on your starter and getting blisters.