Soulja Boy vs Bow Wow [Lambo]

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Soulja Boy shows off over $920,000 worth of exotic cars!
@souljaboy @saycheesetv @Shawn_Cotton Who said Soulja Boy is broke? Despite the Rico Recklezz & Lil Yachty rap beef He's living mighty good to me! Peep his car collection!

Lil Wayne's Car Collection Then and Now (Veyron, Maybach, SLS AMG, etc)
Lil Wayne's Car Collection - presents Lil Wayne's hot car collection including his Bugatti Veyron, SLS AMG, and more! See more at

Bow Wow Aceppts Soulja Boy Challenge
Bow wow aceppts souja boy race

Soulja Boy Shows off His new 2016 Ferrari 488 GTB. Worth over $300,000
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