BWM with SAAB engine Turbo wheelspin

Vajaga ātrumu pazemē, 2 daļa, A saab 2.3 turbo engine in a bmw e30, insane whillspins with 2nd and 3rd gear!

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saab svc engine concept promo 2000

Opel Kadett GSi (Vauxhall Astra MK2 Gsi) with Saab Turbo Engine sound
The only one (as far i know) in the scandinavien countrys. a short clip of the engine sound and blow-off

BMW M3 Turbo Aero - road test no.3
Projekat M3 Aero, E30 M3 + SAAB 2.3T motor u osnovi, i jos par GOMILA modifikacija, vise detalja na

Corsa B Gsi with Saab Turbo B204 Engine
Just got running today. Soon a vid of it driving.