BWM with SAAB engine Turbo wheelspin

Vajaga ātrumu pazemē, 2 daļa, A saab 2.3 turbo engine in a bmw e30, insane whillspins with 2nd and 3rd gear!

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RX8 running with saab b204 turbo engine
Saab turbo engine fitted in to RX8.. nearly finished.. noise is rad fan running..

saab svc engine concept promo 2000

Boat with 2 Saab's turbocharged engines
Boat: Vator 22 ft. with two turbocharged SAAB B234 engines. It's my cousin's boat and he has made most of effort on this job. My cousin has followed my standing mile races with my Saabs for years now. Late 2010 he said that he will get rid of his old Mercruisers and put a Saab's engines instead, if I help to tune those for a boat use. So here we are :) These are an early tests and we are looking forward for summer 2013 ;-)

BMW M3 Turbo Aero - road test no.3
Projekat M3 Aero, E30 M3 + SAAB 2.3T motor u osnovi, i jos par GOMILA modifikacija, vise detalja na