Nissan GT-R Limited Edition on Road

Finally i have spotted my 1st Nissan GT-R on road! It's a Limited Edition with black paintjob, ice-blue interior, grey wheels with bronze calipers. I record some details, but then the owner arrives and drive car in a gas station, it starts up and drives off. I love it! La mia 1a GT-R su strada.. è in allestimento Limited Edition che comprende il colore nero della carrozzeria e i cerchi grigi. L'auto si dirige alla stazione di servizio, poi accende il motore e va via.

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP650-4 Roadster
I have spotted again this amazing Lamborghini. The LP650-4 is very rare, it's a limited edition, only 50 in the world. The particular thing about this car is the " Grigio Telesto " and " Arancio LP650-4 " paintjob, the engine is a 6.5L V12 650hp, reaching a top speed of 330kmh. This car is simply awesome!! Ho filmato questa bella quanto rara Lamborghini LP650-4 Roadster, una meraviglia per i miei occhi. E' rarissima, ce ne sono solo 50 in tutto il mondo e la particolarità consiste nel suo colore Grigio Telesto insieme all'Arancione LP650-4, il motore è stato ritoccato, passando ad un 6500cc V12 da 650cv che gli permette una velocità massima di ben 330kmh. E' un'auto mozzafiato, bellissima.

Nissan GT-R vs Ferrari 430 Scuderia Racing!
This is for sure one of my fav ride! I have been in a white Nissan GT-R R35 at the Imola racetrack with Simo driving his amazing 507hp japanese supercar. This car is a rocket, great acceleration, very fast gear. We made a battle against a red Ferrari 430 Scuderia and a few other cars. Also, the GT-R is a very rare car here, Nissan has just delivered 100 GT-Rs to Italy. The car is not loud, but i love the noise of the engine! Music by Brian Boyko www.freepd.pd

450hp Audi RS3 in Action - Ride, Revs & Snow Fun!
Subscribe! - I jump onboard my friend Prototype Zero's Audi RS3 Sportback finished Suzuka Grey and with a few mods that push the 2.5TFSI engine to 450hp! We had good fun driving this pocket rocket in the snow, enjoy! Facebook: Instagram: @Marchettino Twitter:

Ferrari California Brutal Exhaust Sound w/ Armytrix Titanium Exhaust
Armytrix's YouTube channel: Armytrix's website: - The company Armytrix has come up with a very loud titanium Exhaust available for the Ferrari California. You can hear this California doing a series of loud revs and accelerations, sounds awesome! Armytrix Corp. has established itself as a manufacturer of world class titanium and stainless valvetronic Exhaust system for high-end performance cars. ARMYTRIX R&D team consists of German and Japanese factory engineers and supercar tuning experts, each of them has more than decades of knowledge and experiences in race track and automotive performance industry. Inquiry: Facebook: Youtube: In case you're wondering, I'm collaborating with Armytrix and some of their videos will be featured on my channel.